Macabre Assessment

There is never a good time to assess a cluster of posts. The first one had longer to get discovered than the last one. This seems like as good a time as any to tally up some results that won’t teach me a damned thing.

Every year, I’m baffled by the results, and this year is no different. My favorite is never your favorite, and that’s okay. I’m not going to change my novel writing schedule based upon the assessment of 1000 word blog posts.

Your favorite story was the one called Flipping. It involved a property flipper who had a ghostly encounter inside his newest acquisition. I have to admit there was a strong character in this one, and I think that carried the banner to victory.

Your least favorite one was All the Time in the World. This one involved a time traveler who screwed his own timeline up beyond repair.

Dishonorable mention to Companionship, that involved a ghostly dog waiting for his owner in a rest home. It only had one more view than the time travel story did.

The rest fell somewhere in the middle. My favorite was Our Secret lives about two werewolves who hate each other in their human lives, but are mates when the full moon shows up.

You also liked the Halloween Pack about the app that created a monster. It had a certain Goosebumps quality to it that I thought was fun too.

What does it all mean? Nothing actually. Maybe it involved the day I posted, and the results would be completely different if I’d changed the order.

I’m leaning toward doing it again next year. It all depends upon life and what it throws at me. I write them for my own entertainment as much as anything, but I hope you enjoyed them too.

I’m not going to scrap any works in progress, or storyboards, and rush right into another haunted house story based upon these results. They’re just for us to have fun. Maybe to start a discussion.

There are a couple of points to make here. If you missed one, or just want to revisit them, they are under the “Short Stories & Vignettes” category in my sidebar. You might find some other interesting things there too.

Lastly, I want to touch upon the point that I have books available. If short stories and micro-fiction is your thing, I have either two or three collections depending upon how you score them. I say this, because The Enhanced League stories serve to tell a bigger tale overall. The Experimental Notebooks involve more true collections.

All of the short fiction is .99ยข on Amazon.

Lisa wants to know if there are any tricks to removing “Sharpie” marker from your skin.

Lisa Burton


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45 responses to “Macabre Assessment

  1. It’s amazing how everything turns out. Halloween Pack was definitely my favorite out of the list. Have to admit that I kind of forgot about Flipping until you mentioned it again. Was it only views that you used to gauge popularity?

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  2. Lisa, first spray Pam, then acetone or alcohol, but either way, it’ll take days to fade completely.
    I liked the werewolves best ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Funny how things turn out sometimes! It’s always interesting to see the differences in opinion!!

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  4. I’m not sure I had a favorite. I really enjoyed all of them. And I hope you do them again next year (but no pressure).

    Tell Lisa to try nail polish remover or toothpaste.

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  5. I am always surprised by which posts of mine do the best, Craig. It is also different for all my social media. The posts of my fondant artworks do the best on Facebook and Instagram. My blogs are inconsistent and I also think it depends on the day and time.

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  6. I liked werewolves the best but enjoyed others as well.

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  7. Flipping was definitely my favorite. I’d like to see a longer short story version of it, where the promised conflict plays out. Or, even better, a novel version where the two characters (and/or the people they hire) need to team up to face some greater threat.

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  8. I like All The Time In the World. Nothing wrong with it IMO

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  9. I loved Flipping. I didn’t see any of the twists coming. Fun! I think Lisa looks good with zigzagged skin, shows off her tatttoos. She should just go for it!

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  10. It’s difficult as you say to tell what’s going to resonate with readers. I suppose it’s the same with books, you never know what’s going to hit.

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  11. I enjoyed all of them. Although companionship is the one I’d have to pick if you wanted us to pick a favourite. I hope you’ll be doing it again next year, and look forward to when I get a chance to catch up on reading the books of yours I haven’t gotten to read yet.

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  12. It seems that everything in this business is subjective. My favorite was Companionship, with Flipping coming in second, but I enjoyed them all.

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  13. Companionship!!

    Would it be interesting to compare “likes” vs. “clicks?” Or even comments — although maybe if they “like” it the comment would automatically be positive.

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  14. I thought they were all excellent, but I had a special fondness for Companionship. You rock at these, so I have fingers crossed Macabre will be back again next year!

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  15. I’d have to agree that Flipping was probably my favorite – but I’ve always had a weakness for haunted house stories.


  16. It’s always strange the way things go. Our writing is never (not usually) received the way we think it will be. I’ll be honest, I had a tough month and wasn’t online much but did read and like Flipping. Also, short stories and micro-fiction is definitely my thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have all three of those. I’ll stop saying how I NEED to get to them and just surprise you one day.

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