A long week.

This was the week I went to San Antonio. That’s really nothing new, at my level seminars are a fact of life. This one had its good and not-so-good parts. Some of that has to do with my seasoning. I’ve been around this stuff for a long time, and it’s getting kind of hard to show me something new. They managed it though.

One of the unexpected things is kind of telling. I’ve been to many a seminar, but the seats in those meeting rooms are starting to wear me out more than ever before. A day or two, no problem. Four days, and I think I need a wheelchair.

Add air travel into the mix, and it gets even worse. There is no such thing as a comfortable chair on an airliner. I wound up with the middle seat on all four legs of my journey. From Phoenix to Boise, the guy with the window seat never showed up. I moved over and it was wonderful just to have a bit of extra room.

I actually left my iPad Pro at the TSA check in stop in San Antonio. Fortunately, my employee spotted it and saved it for me. I’m starting to feel like I need a keeper.

As far as San Antonio goes, it rained. Then it rained some more, followed by rain, with an additional portion of rain. It stopped raining while I was at the airport to go home.

We braved it anyway. We wandered down the street to someplace called the Buckhorn Saloon for lunch. It’s one of those places that seems dedicated to taxidermy. Animals covered all the walls, and they call part of it a museum that requires an admission fee. Apparently, it was not dedicated to cleanliness. To make it clear, polar bears and mountain goats are white, not grey.

The lunch itself was pretty good, and I scored a local beer that came off quite well. Craft beer wasn’t easy to find, but Texas brands were in abundance. I wound up living on Shiner Bock. Not awesome like a craft beer, but you can live on it.

While we were there, a Ted Cruz Rally broke out. My co-worker took a photo, but I didn’t feel the need. Cruz is kind of an odd dude, and I sat on my hands, lest judgment be passed upon me.

My co-worker has several Army buddies in the area, so he went out with them most nights. The one night we wandered around didn’t turn out all that great.

We got to the Alamo just as it closed. I still snapped a photo, the only one I took.

I briefly considered storming the fortress, but that’s already been done, and seems so 1800s by today’s standards.

Note: It was raining.

Then we wandered down to the River Walk. I went through the Alamo years ago, and spent a lot of time on the River Walk. This time, the River Walk seemed like it’s lost some of its spark.

The last time I was here, there were shops, bars, and restaurants filled to overflowing. This time, very little was open, people were scarce, and some construction was going on. It does make for a lovely scene to put some vampires in and have them stalk the patrons stumbling out of the bars.

My co-worker said his buddy, a former Army Ranger, told him this part of town wasn’t a great place to hang out after dark. We took the hint and went back to the hotel. I settled for another Shiner, some poorly conceived bar food, and called it my birthday dinner. I went back to my room so I could watch the World Series. It’s hard to ask a group of Spurs fans if it would be okay to change from basketball to baseball. (Sounds like something for one of John’s top ten lists.)

Old What’s Her Face called me on Face Time, something I’d never done before. This was so I could talk to Otto. He missed me and was confused how I got inside the iPad. It was kind of fun.

When I got home, the house was dark. My wife had to work today. That didn’t stop the dogs, and they swarmed me. I had to stay up for an hour just snuggling them. (Mostly Otto.)

I have a big old list of things I should be doing today, but I’m kind of worn out. Spending a lot of time with my old friend, Mr. Hot Pad today. At least I got to spend some time editing while I was on airplanes. That and reading a mediocre craft book I bought. I’m finding that craft books are kind of like seminars these days. It’s isn’t exciting and awesome anymore, but there are small nuggets of information that I find valuable.

That was the week that was. I really do have a ton of things to do, but this whole month has been like burning the candle at both ends. I think I’ll take a day and see how I feel about it tomorrow. I wonder if John Wayne is defending the Alamo on television somewhere today.


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42 responses to “A long week.

  1. I was stunned to realize it was Friday already. Seems like I missed a day somewhere. Meanwhile, you had quite a week. Sorry the weather and the scenery was such a bust.

    Facetime totally confuses my dogs. It’s kind of funny, but then I feel bad when they want someone who simply isn’t here. Then we cuddle, and they feel better. I’m sure your dogs are thrilled you’re back.

    Advil, whiskey, and a heating pad. My best advice for back trouble. (It’s a remedy I use often.) Hope you feel better soon!

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  2. Hmmmm. I might not have the best reading comprehension skills, but I get the sense that it rained. Sorry there’s wasnt more excitement during the trip. Sounds like your return was met with joy and happiness though.

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  3. Sounds like a heavy week, Craig. I find flying around and meeting new people very taxing.

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  4. Sorry about the rain. We’ve had an abundance in most of the state.

    Hate to hear about the River Walk. Haven’t been to San Antonio in years.

    Probably best not to disturb the Spurs fans especially if some also like the Astro’s. (I don’t.).

    And Shiner Bock? Have some in my fridge. I’m not a beer drinker but it’s a favorite brand for my niece’s significant other. Also makes a great barbecue sauce!

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  5. Glad you’re back home, but your birthday sounded miserable. Hope you get to celebrate later this weekend.


  6. Doesn’t sound like a great visit. Shiner Bock? (carbonated defrost) Next time I’ll give you a list of places and things.

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  7. Sounds like the highlight of your trip was getting back home to your babies, Craig. Maybe they could start doing online seminars- cheaper and more conductive to saving your poor back and knees.
    I’ve never been on an airplane and stories like these make me glad. Hope next week goes better. Hey, Halloween is coming 🙂

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  8. Enjoyed this visit to San Antonio, Craig, with all the Texas fixins’. Alamo, Ted Cruz rally, a bar filled with taxidermy animals. Lots of rain doesn’t quite fit in with TX, but the photo states the facts. This was my favorite line today: “I briefly considered storming the fortress, but that’s already been done, and seems so 1800s by today’s standards.” Enjoyed this, thank you.

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  9. I like the references to John and I love the idea of your doggos swarming you and smothering you with love when you came home to a dark house. That’s quite sweet.
    I think I have a good, strong back, but at work I think this more, because I am the only person who doesn’t have some sorta support mechanism in her desk chair. I sit cross-legged all the time, and might, seriously might, be one of those old women who sits on the floor cross-legged rather than in some uncomfortable seat. My grandmother was that way.
    I have GOT to get a cushion thing for swim meets tho. Oy.
    The Alamo is quite lovely. When photographed as you have it here, it’s good and true. When photographed without people for scale, it’s a bit of false advertising.
    We have a new software program at work. It’s fairly intuitive for us. But one of my bosses is not ready, and the other boss doesn’t want to spend all her time teaching him. Sigh.

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  10. Travelling is very tiring.

    I know how dogs are when they hear voices from the phone if you have it on loudspeaker, so I can imagine how excited but confused Otto was with your Facetime chat.

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  11. If you are getting so forgetful, you might try to 3D print Lisa and take her with you for your seminars to look after you.
    This is the first year when I have to admit my memory isn’t great anymore.

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  12. You did manage to hit Texas in the middle of a monsoon. 🙂 Too bad the rain dampened everything. I agree about seminars and craft books. After a while, they lose their appeal and luster. Glad you are home and I’m sure the fur babies were thrilled to see you. You cracked me up with the statement, “you could live on Shiner Bock…” Shiner needs you in their advertising department. 🙂

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  13. Wow! Maybe there’s some sort of cushion you can take with you to use on those seminar chairs. That’s a lot of rain! I think I laughed more than I should have while reading this, Craig but your writing was full of humor. That hour with your fur babies must have been sweet. 😉 xx I hope you’r feeling better.

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  15. I can’t imagine doing seminars that long PLUS air plane seating and not feeling like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Although, one of the RE schools where I take CE has amazing chairs. Comfy things with a great back and air-like rollers. I wish they were all like that.

    I can just imagine that reunion with Otto and Frankie. They worship you.

    It doesn’t sound like San Antonio was a great time, but on the plus side it gave you fodder for an awesome post. I laughed all through this one. You really have a knack for sly humor. Most definitely an “entertaining story.”

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    • Glad it made you laugh. Work trips are often like this. They never pay for a tourism day. If we get an hour or two, that’s about it. Some people pay for an extra day themselves, but I never have. Most trips are about like this, but I have seen some fun things on that off hour. (Space Shuttle launch, Ft. McHenry, the Alamo previously, a night of ghost hunting in Portland.)

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