Trying to get some things done

I’m doing all the fussy little things today. Things like making sure I have battery chargers in my suitcase for my trip. I set out my wallet and other glasses to make sure they get packed too.

Then there are things I can’t pack until morning. Things like combs and blood pressure medication.

I used the app to get my boarding pass. It also gave me my employee’s boarding pass, and I hope it doesn’t screw him up. I suppose we can meet at TSA and go in together somehow.

I looked for a Steelers game, but it doesn’t look like there is one today.

After placing some things out, I decided to tackle a few more chapters of Lanternfish. I got through a couple, but there were interruptions.

“Daddy, this looks like fun. Check out my rope toy.”

Meanwhile, Otto decided to go spelunking again.

I’m still remembering things, and getting up to place them out for my trip. I should probably focus on that and get offline for a while.


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25 responses to “Trying to get some things done

  1. No, the Steelers are off this week. Worked in my favor, as I made my son his birthday cake and stuffed pizza this morning. I’d have missed the first half if we played.

    Love the spelunking pic. That’s adorable!

    Have a safe flight.

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  2. Have a good flight. You staying downtown?

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  3. Have a good trip, love those gorgeous dogs of yours πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  4. Totally laughing over the photo of Otto spelunking. You have some adorable dogs there, Craig. I’m a cat person and even I can’t resist them.

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  5. I think Otto has the right idea. Safe travels and I hope the rain holds out. If you get a chance, check out Mi Tierras. It’s near the Mexican Market.

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  6. Have a safe flight. At least the distractions are entertaining.

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  7. Spelunking! Haha! Cute! So cute! I love how your house is always clean, and tidy aside from dog toys! Furbabies ferreal! πŸ˜›
    Wishing you safe and pleasant travels.
    I sure could use another day, one to really rest would be good. I’ll be kind to myself tomorrow after work.

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  8. Adorable pics – have a great trip!

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  9. Love the pictures of the fur babies! Have a safe trip and hope you didn’t forget your toothbrush!

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  10. Hope you remembered everything and have a great trip.

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  11. Hope you didn’t end up forgetting to pack anything.


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