Today was my day to get some things done. I screwed that up before I even got home last night. I was supposed to pick up medications for Otto, one of our dogs. This is about two blocks from where I work. I failed to do this. Let’s face it, at the end of shift you have hundreds of reps involving getting in the truck and going home.

This meant that I had to go back downtown this morning and pick up his pills. It took me an hour and a half. It’s a forty mile round trip, plus the time inside the vet’s office. It kind of killed any forward momentum I may have had.

My wife wanted to go to pizza tonight, and our daughter decided to drive over from Sun Valley to go with us. Sounds nice, right? The hospital called my wife back in, so we had to cancel the whole thing. She has to work until eight o’clock tonight. I feel bad that our daughter drove all the way over here for nothing.

I don’t know what some employers are thinking. They are cutting everyone’s hours due to what they call “low census.” I won’t go into a deep explanation, the main point is reduced hours.

When there is a problem, they seem shocked that people don’t want to drop everything and pull extra hours now. “Gasp!” I’ve learned over the years that happy employees will do anything. Unhappy employees will place you lower on the priority list.

I got a decent small visit with my daughter after Old What’s Her Face went back to work. Everyone is gone now, but it’s time for baseball.

Today, I had low expectations and failed to meet them all. Things can change fast, so I’m just going to go with it. Tomorrow will be partially about packing and getting ready for my flight. I’ll be in Texas next week, but I’ll take my iPad with me. At least I can keep up with blogs and such.

I’m looking forward to the trip. There are times in life where the author in me has to take a back seat. Perhaps I can get some forward momentum when I return. If not, I have vacation coming around the Veteran’s Day holiday.


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47 responses to “Presto!

  1. I have a friend who is constantly pulled into what his employer calls ‘mandatory overtime’. So, he can’t get out of it because they’ll write him up or fire him. It sounds ridiculous, but not that surprising. A lot of companies are trying to do more with less in order to cut costs. Hope you get to have some fun in Texas even though it’s work-related. Safe journeys!

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  2. Our hospital does the same thing to nurses. Crazy! Hope you enjoy the visit to the Lone Star State!

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  3. Dang. i occasionally get called or texted in the evening, or this afternoon, lol, to be asked if I know the location of files or whatnot, and I never mind, but feel bad when I truly don’t know. or If I am occupied and don’t have my phone around, but no one gets upset.
    Now, where my husband works, they do mandatory overtime. Sometimes, they spring the additional hours on them right after lunch. That does not work well. They’re on a hiring freeze and they have been overworking their staff for months and months and morale is LOW. The town hall meeting had to be postponed because the submitted inquiries and commentaries were wholly unpleasant in their reflection of overworked staff.
    Always wishing you better days 🙂

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  4. There must be something in the water, for we are experiencing the same counterproductive situation here too… Next week HAS to be better!

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  5. Hope your trip to Austin is good. Great city for eating and entertainment.

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  6. I think we all have those days where we plan to accomplish a lot with writing and then Murphy’s law kicks in. I managed to clean up some of my WIP yesterday and added a new scene. Today, I need to clean that one up and can hopefully add one or two more.

    Have a safe flight and enjoy your time in Texas!

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  7. Employers (she said, shaking her head). Enough said.

    Safe travels, Craig!

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  8. The best laid plans of mice and … did you get pizza anyway? 🙂

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  9. I’ve also had those days, Craig – have a schedule planned to accomplish loads of stuff – and then life steps in a laughs.

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  10. The best laid plans…Hope you are enjoying your trip.

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  11. Sorry your plans didn’t work out. Like you said, sometimes the author has to take a back seat. Hope the trip goes well.


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