Field trip and a bit of luck

My paycheck job sent me to Idaho Falls for a couple of days. We avoid work related topics, but it puts a damper on my blogging ability. That’s the main point here.

Fortunately for me, two of my guest appearances posted while I was absent. That allowed me to keep some fresh content on my site, and I managed to deal with comments after hours. I think I answered everyone, but I’m going to surf back through the host sites to make sure after this goes live.

I have things to do today. (I always have things to do.) I’ve just come up against a wall of “I don’t wanna.” A big part of this involves driving, hotels, and all the rest of it. Driving across Idaho is not like driving across Vermont. It takes about five hours to drive across Idaho, and I did it twice. Bonus though, I got to see about 200 antelope, and one really nice mule deer buck. I also saw an elk rack that did not fit completely in the bed of a pickup truck. I know we’re all supposed to hate hunting and everyone that partakes, but I do not. It was impressive, and that was one of the biggest racks I’ve ever seen. If the rest of him was that big, someone is going to need a bigger deep freeze.

I’m going to have to sacrifice most of my planned word count for now. The stuff I need to do involves commitments to other author friends. I’m not going to let them down. There is one small bit of critique work I have to get to. Thank God for my Apple Pencil, and its new ability to work with Pages, my word processor. This speeds things up a bunch over the old redline versions.

I have two Lisa Burton interviews to work on. One has returned his questionnaire, and I’ll address it soon. The other is in a holding pattern until I get the questionnaire back. Still, it’s good to know there will be more “broadcasts” from Lisa’s trailer in the woods.

Yesterday was payday too. This means we might pull off a date night tonight. Old Chicago Pizza sounds good, but there is a BSU game tonight. Both things are good, but sometimes it means the place is SRO. Never know if we don’t try. I can be content with the MLB playoffs too, so I’m not picky as to whatever. We’ve talked about a backup plan that might involve a total absence of sports.

As a State employee, I get Monday off too (Thanks Columbus). Lower on my list is a cluster of critique pages of my own work. They aren’t going to spoil or anything, but if I get my commitments dealt with, I’d like to find time to slick up my own story.

It isn’t a huge list, and all of it is possible in three days. I just have to figure out how to deal with the “don’t wannas.”


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29 responses to “Field trip and a bit of luck

  1. Hope you get to have some fun after all that driving. Trying to imagine the elk rack that you’re describing and I’m only coming up with something out of Princess Mononoke. What do people do with the rack anyway? Is it only useful for putting up on a wall?

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  2. I’ve got a long list of “don’t wannas” too, so I get it. I hope your weekend is as good as it can be. I foresee quitting early today so I can watch the Pens tonight.

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  3. That’s a heck of a long drive across state, worse (I think) than Pennsylvania. After all that, it’s nice you get Monday off for the holiday. I have to work 😦

    I’m trying to pound out some word count on the WIP this weekend. Not sure how much I’ll accomplish, but at least some of the scenes are starting to flow.
    Enjoy date night. Whether it’s out or in, pizza sounds good!

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  4. The girls are off on Monday, but we’re not. I don’t give two shakes about Columbus but I would enjoy a 3 day!
    Sorry you had to do all that driving, but also, nice mental postcards you got there.
    I hope date night goes well 🙂

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  5. Considering how productive you generally are, and how many hours you spent driving, I think a bit of time not doing things because you don’t feel like doing stuff isn’t a big deal.

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  6. Playing catch up this morning. Just didn’t have much drive in me yesterday either. Had to watch the Red River showdown, which had happy results for us Longhorn fans. Need to get back on track with the WIP today. I would love to see Idaho someday.

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  7. Sometimes it’s okay to let the “I don’t wannas” win for a bit. Enjoy!

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  8. We’re not supposed to hate hunting. People might need to live off the meat. What we should question is hunters who take the horns and leave the meat to rot. That’s just selfish and wasteful. Take the rest to the food bank, you dope!

    It does sound like a really long ride, though.

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  9. When I hear ‘Idaho’ I think Snake river and Bear lake 🙂

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  10. I hate having the ‘don’t wanna’s’.


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