Vacation Reading 2018

Kind of nice to know that Panama has held up over the years. Check out what the Planetary Defense Commander thought of it over at his site. It’s a good story to pick up for your October reading list.

Planetary Defense Command

My wife and I recently returned from a hiking trip to Patagonia and the Andes.  I’ll try to do a vacation post later (although I still haven’t posted about last year’s vacation…), but today’s post is about the books I read on the flights there and back.

This year, I decided to read books written by fellow bloggers who I’m friends with online.  Fortunately, they all ended up being entertaining — I believe I rated them all four stars out of five at goodreads.

I’ll give a brief description of each book, but I’m also going to strain my brain and try to come up with something that might have pushed each one into five star territory for me.  I think that’s the kind of feedback I’d like from my friends if I were publishing my own stories.

Here are the books, in the order I read them:

panamaPanama by

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  2. Glad to see Panama getting some love, Craig.

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