Ahhh, shorts again

I got up and put pants on about 6:00 this morning. It’s now 7:00 at night, and I finally changed into my shorts again.

There was a long wait at the haircut place, and about all you can do there is watch some random college football game while you wait. I got my haircut though, and could check something off my list.

With a couple of hours between that and my car appointment, I set up some documents to work on at the dealership. They have a nice little work area where I can plug in my iPad and work away.

Except, for the wifi issue. Whenever I’m out, wifi is always questionable as to whether it will handle my email. Today, it did not. No idea why this happens, but it’s always been that way.

This posed a problem, because all of the stuff I needed involved attachments to email. I got those email a week ago, but I couldn’t open the attachments.

I still managed to do everything except for one Lisa Burton interview. I can easily do that tomorrow, but I could have done it today.

We went to Kahoots tonight for prime rib. We skipped the bread pudding. It kind of gives me an acid stomach at night, and my wife was full too. It was still a nice night out.

Sometimes you just have to do stuff. Today was my day for stuff. I can get my interview project sent out tomorrow, and that will complete my list. If I have an extra bit of peace and quiet I may even tackle a micro fiction I want to work on.


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23 responses to “Ahhh, shorts again

  1. Congrats on returning to shorts?

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  2. LOL – That;s great post!!

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  3. Nice. I got dressed at 6 and returned after 11 and am back in jammies πŸ™‚
    Are you going to do some creepy microfiction? Bout that time of year. That Jack O’Lantern one stuck with me. You do that stuff well.
    Bread pudding is the cat’s meow. If I go somewhere with bread pudding, I have to order it. I just had a long convo the other day about who’s got the best bread pudding in the city and it ended up three of us stuck to our guns, and guess what? They’re all owned by the same company! Who knew? Not me. Yum yum. I suggested we make an official office trip, to sample and vote. Important research πŸ˜›
    But maybe earlier in the day. No acid stomach.

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  4. Getting most of the stuff checked off your list is great. Plus, it sounds like you had a nice night out with the wife.

    I have to be in the right mood for bread pudding. Also, if my family is cooking it, it depends who’s making it to whether or not I’m going to be eager to eat it. Mind you, that’s true of a few things.

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  5. Glad it all worked. Why no shorts out?

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  6. Sounds like a good day to me. My weekends are normally filled with errands with DH, along with some writing on Sunday afternoon.I managed a few thousand words today after enjoying our morning out for breakfast and running around. And I hear you about wifi when you’re out and about. It always seems to be hit or miss!

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  7. The weather’s been crazy here, too. Last night, we were still in shorts at 9 p.m. I’ve been seeing a ton of albino caterpillars, though, so we’re probably in for a tough winter. Enjoy it while you can!

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  8. Well that sounds like a full day with a fun ending. πŸ™‚

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