It’s been a quiet week online for me. The best I could manage in most cases was to hit the like button on some blog posts. I’m trying to post something tonight, but even that is half-hearted.

It all started about 12 days ago. Our female bulldog, Frankie, started throwing up when she drank water. There were no other symptoms, including those of dehydration. She played hard, and drank too much. It happens, and I’ve never owned a dog that didn’t do this a couple of times.

Ten days later this was still going on, and we needed to have the vet check her out. There were a couple of timing problems here, one of which involved payday not happening until today.

The other issue is my work sent me to Moscow, Idaho during the week. This is a long way from home, and involved an overnight stay.

Nothing improved for Frankie, and our vet said he would see her, and we could pay him today. He did an x-ray, and there was something…

No idea what it might be, so another kind of x-rays were ordered. It could have been an ulcer, a tumor, or any number of things.

The barium helped reveal an object in her stomach and throat. He said it looked fibrous, like a sock or something. There was a half day period where the vet thought it might pass, but the clock was against us here.

Our vet doesn’t work Fridays, but he did for us. There are other doctors in the office, and they are all good. Frankie is his patient, and we appreciate him for this. Our most recent update involved the object moving, but not as much as he thought it should. He really didn’t want to do surgery, and gave us the choice.

We’ve been to the emergency vet several times. These people are good, but would not necessarily have the x-rays and diagnoses if we went there in the middle of the night. We reluctantly chose to put her through the surgery.

That turned out to be the right choice. The object was skinny, long, plastic, and pointed. He could not identify it, and we did not get to see it. This would not have passed, and could have led to an emergency situation. (Almost certainly.)

She’s home now, groggy as hell. There is a square shaved on her back from an epidural they gave her. She has a mountain of pills we have to give her too, and a restricted diet.

This is not her first experience with swallowing something, and we have to watch her like a hawk.

I’m not above a bit of speculation, so here goes. If you can imagine her chewing something up first, it sounds to me like it was a piece of someone’s fireworks. These aren’t just for the 4th of July around here. People set off fireworks all year long, and every summer night there are various small pops, and at least a few big sky shells going off.

More than once, I’ve picked up the residue from my yard. If I were to speculate further, I’m not able to cruise the yard before going to work. It’s dark outside. I think there was something in the yard, and she found it before one of us could get to it during the daylight.

I’ll never know for sure, but that’s my best guess.

I usually approach my weekends with a plan, and sometimes a task list. This weekend, I’m kind of dialing it in. I have a post to schedule for a friend, and am waiting for some interview data to come back. Don’t have a plan beyond that.

Oh, “Hey buddy, want to buy a book. I’m trying to raise $2446.96.”


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44 responses to “$2,446.96

  1. Wow. Great to hear that Frankie is okay. The firework theory makes sense to me.

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  2. Whatever it was, I’m glad Frankie is OK, and that you have such a great vet.

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  3. I’m glad Frankie is on the mend, and that you have such a good vet.

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  4. Glad to hear Frankie’s problem is solved and she is on the mend, but sorry to hear how much it cost!

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  5. harmonykent

    Glad Frankie is on the mend but sorry it ended up costing so much. Hope you have a good weekend 😊

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  6. I’m so glad Frankie is home and on the mend. Ouch to the cost of surgery. Makes my $600.00 emergency vet bill for a stray cat seem like a bargain.

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  7. Happy that Frankie is now on the mend…sorry it cost you so much! My best wishes! β™₯

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  8. First of all, I have to say the title of today’s blog certainly caught my eye. Wow! What a ride with Frankie. I am glad it turned out okay, but my goodness, that’s scary. I have a suggestion for a way you can raise some extra funds, but I’ll email you. I need to send you an email anyway because I think I’m ready to do a Lisa Burton interview with the character in the first story in “Two Shorts and a Snort.” I hope Frankie continues to recover and that you all survive the financial crisis!

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  9. Glad Frankie is okay. Swallowing a foreign object can be fatal for our furry friends!

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  10. Pets are expensive. I just dropped $500 on medicine for mine. One of them had surgery a few years ago that was around $2000. You definitely got the worst of it. I’m so glad she’s going to be okay, though. Hoping she’s more energetic today and back to normal soon.

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  11. How scary! I hope she’ll make a quick recovery. Maybe you’ll just need to go outside with her and have a flashlight in hand. Ugh…

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  12. The best part (If there is the best part) is you made the right decision on the surgery. I hope Frankie gets better soon.

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  13. wow Craig! Hope she recovers quickly.

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  14. Good to hear it turned out so well, apart from the bill, but hey, they’re family. πŸ™‚

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  15. So happy to hear Frankie is doing well.

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  16. So, so scary. I can just imagine what an awful time it was for you and your wife while you waited for everything to work out. I am so glad that Frankie is home and on the mend. Pets are part of the family and we do what we have to keep them healthy and well. She’s blessed to have such good pet parents.

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  17. Ouch! I’m glad everything went well for Frankie…and for you two.

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  18. Hey, glad Frankie is better. Seems you made all the right decisions. You can never prepare for this stuff.

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  19. That’s worrisome. Makes you realize how dangerous our own back yards can be. I’m so glad she got fixed up.

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  20. Happy to hear Frankie is doing better, but that bill hurts. You’re a good pet parent, Craig.

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