Date afternoon

I didn’t get anything done this weekend. I got everything I needed to assemble and schedule one of the Lisa Burton interviews, so I did that, but nothing else of consequence.

We had a house full of company. We went out to eat with Mom & Dad twice. We even went to Old Chicago, which is at the mall. This was by design, because Dad & I could drink beer while Old What’s Her Face took Mom through the mall.

We lost part of our time because Mom wanted to go to a funeral. This guy was Mom’s uncle by marriage. I never liked the guy in life, so didn’t feel obligated to go to his funeral. (Sorry, that’s how I roll.)

After everyone left, we met my son and his family at the fair. We don’t do much other than eat. We missed all the concerts and such this year. We ate a bunch of food that is likely bad for us, and don’t particularly care. We only get this stuff once per year.

This is the first year I can remember when it wasn’t swelteringly hot. Our temperatures dropped to 73 degrees today. The smoke has thinned out too. It was wonderful. Today is the last day, so the crowd was sparse.

They never seem to have good beer at the fair. There are stands everywhere, but they all offer the same generic stuff you could pick up at any gas station. I think the beer vendors must have a contract. This strikes me as odd, since a lot of craft beer is made right here now. I decided that if I can’t have what I like, I didn’t need one. I did have a fresh huckleberry milkshake that was pretty good though.

We usually check out the exhibits, but this year we stopped after the chickens and bunnies. Half the bunnies were replaced by guinea pigs. Hardly what I’d consider a farm animal. Half the chickens were replaced by pigeons. After that, we decided to skip the other barns and eat more food.

I did spot this awesome duck though. I should ask him for some hair care tips.

This is my short weekend, so it’s back to the office tomorrow. I get four days next weekend, and I should make a task list. There are several projects I’d like to move forward when I have the time.

This was a weekend for family, and I don’t feel bad at all for spending it with my parents, or my kids and grandkids.


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27 responses to “Date afternoon

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend

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  2. Fairs are so much fun. Can’t say that I blame you about the exhibits. glad you got some cooler temps and the smoke has cleared. Wishing you could send some cooler weather our way!

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  3. Sorry about the beer, and my condolences to your mother. But it looks like a wonderful weekend, all things considered. You can’t be sad about time spent with family. And the milkshake sounds yummy!

    The duck is cool, but I have to agree about the other animals. Definitely not from or for the farm.

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  4. Sounds like a great weekend, Craig – and the weather was perfect.

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  5. I love fairs! Even if I do nothing but walk around and take in the sights, fairs, amusement parks and carnivals always take me back to when I was a kid. It sounds like you had a awesome weekend with family!

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  6. What a fun weekend!!! I love fairs. The Texas State Fair should be opening soon. You are right about the food. Here, they have a competition to see who can come up with the weirdest fried food. It gets bizarre.

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  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend. My daughter came up to stay with us this weekend, too. She helped me cook for my sister’s birthday get together at our house. No writing here either. For good reasons.

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  8. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, Craig. I also had a family weekend away and it was four days. Your job sounds interesting with your different working week. Wish I had a four day weekend more often. The milkshake sounds delicious.

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  9. Nicely done! So glad you enjoyed your tribe 😀
    That ducky’s hair IS fluffy! I wonder what kind of volumizer he uses? There were NO chicks or bunnies when we went. I don’t know what in tarnation. Last year I missed them because I went too late. Was I too early this year? Very upsetting.
    Too bad about the beer. I would enjoy a huckleberry milkshake tho! Do you remember one year we had beer at our fair and attendance dropped in protest? I tsk and tsk.

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  10. Guinea pigs are farm animals in Peru. They look just like rats once the hair comes off – I’ll wait until I’m in a more desperate situation to eat that.

    I guess pigeons are farm animals in France or somewhere. My dad ate it at a fancy french restaurant in the USA, said it tasted just about like you’d guess.

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    • Farmers have raised pigeons here forever. Some raise tumblers, some race homers, etc. There have always been some at the fair. I theorize the guineas are a way to let those kids who can’t keep a cow participate in 4H or FFA.

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