Did not expect that

I try to update every Wednesday, just so the world doesn’t forget about me. I know it’s Tuesday, but I discovered something tonight. If you need your Wednesday fix, I’ll be up over at Story Empire tomorrow.

One of my things is to cruise through Pinterest every night. My boards are all story related. I have some related to projects, some for characters, some in genre fiction that fits my style

I have one I call “girl art.” These help with characters, descriptions, outfits, etc. I save things there I might want to use for Lisa Burton outfits and more. Let’s face it, as a guy, I need a reference for outfits, hair, and such.

I did not think Pinterest allowed nudity, but I was wrong. Today my feed was full of nude women. You know the kind, lots of Photoshop and airbrush.

I must have pinned something for Lisa, and Pinterest thought “more like this” meant nudes. (Note: Lisa will never appear nude.)

I was so offended I stopped looking after a couple of hours. 🤪

Honestly, what I need are more old weathered faces. I pinned a few, but they don’t come up regularly. Some of them are so interesting, and would make great characters. I added a brief conversation with an old woman to my current project, and I mentioned her thickened eyelids, but I want a bit more. I need more of those old dry mudflat faces. I’ll have to revisit that scene in the editing phase now.

I pondered about a book of short stories a year ago, and they were all introduced by this ancient woman from the rocker on her front porch. I may revisit it one day, but it’s still in the idea phase. Think of this wizened elder serving in a Rod Serling capacity. Maybe add a corncob pipe, etc.

Maybe I’ll have to do a specific search for the kind of faces I’m looking for. Normally, pinning a few will keep them coming, but I may have to dive deeper on these.

My work week, and my weekend are looking like no new fiction will happen. I’m going to shoot for preparing a Lisa Burton Radio interview, and that might be my limit this week.


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40 responses to “Did not expect that

  1. dharkanein

    Your piece here is very catchy….especially the starting line ” I try to update every Wednesday, just so the world doesn’t forget about me.”
    While reading the last para and somewhere in middle you took the imagination to that old times….love that kind of scenerio. May be I m too dreamy or old schooled…

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  2. I didn’t know that Pinterest had nudes either, Craig. I suppose they cater for all interests and you can pin from the internet. The endless juggle between life, work and writing.

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    • I just think nudity is so pervasive on the internet. I’m not prudish, but it doesn’t have to be everywhere all the time. It’s hard to do a research check without some hits that have nothing to do with my topic pop up.

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  3. harmonykent

    Which all goes to show how ‘beauty’ biased the internet is. I agree with you on the old weathered faces. They tell a whole story on their own and have far greater depth than air-brushed so-called perfection. Give me real any day. Nice post, Craig 🙂

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  4. I have some very strange followers on Pinterest, who love my serial killer board. The reason I know this is ’cause I checked out their serial killer boards, and the death pics they’ve pinned are … well, like you, “I was so offended I stopped looking after a couple hours.” That line cracked me up, Craig! The emoji that followed was the perfect addition. 😉

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  5. Yeah, I forgot what I did to discover that Pinterest had nudes. It might have been when I returned the pinning favor to an erotic author. That was long ago and I’ve learned that porn will always find a way to appear on a platform. Wouldn’t be surprised to find that it’s on YouTube somewhere. It is odd that you can’t get more wizened faces after pinning a few. Maybe it’s not as powerful a category?

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  6. “I was so offended I stopped looking after a couple of hours.”
    After hitting that line, It took me a while to recover from laughing before I could read the rest of the post!

    I’ve been using this month to clean up a bunch of short stories and think I have enough for possibly two books. It was fun going back to that form.

    Great idea about the old woman on the front porch. I’ve been rewatching some old Night Gallery shows and love the art gallery theme Rod Serling used to tie them together.

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    • It would be neat to stitch them all together with a common thread somehow. Don’t know when I’ll return to short stories. I have other things on my horizon right now. It’s okay though. Time in the fermenter often delivers an even better project.

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  7. Well, that gave me a much-needed chuckle.

    And I agree about wizened faces. Every wrinkle holds a hundred stories.

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  8. I agree with Harmony, and it goes along with my Sunday blog post…give me real! Not everyone in the world can be perfect and beautiful. Wizened, leathered, thickened eyelids – now there’s some fodder for stories. See you at the Story Empire site today.

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  9. Like everyone else, you gave me a good laugh, Craig.

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  10. We older women appreciate your interest. We don’t have wrinkles, they are battle scars.

    Possibly Pinterest is not the most productive arena to search, although I think you’re right that refining your criteria may help. Try searching for Flemmeth or Wynne, two characters from Dragon Age who are older ladies. That might bring a few more of the images you want into the feed as Pinterest tries to anticipate what you’re looking for.

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  11. “I stopped looking after a couple of hours.” LOL

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  12. The life of a writer is hard. Scrolling nudes for two hours causes eye strain. Be nice to yourself:)

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  13. I’d probably Google “dust bowl portraits” — but a coupla hours with the nudies is best left to you. I might could get in about 30 minutes before I lost interest. When I read you didn’t know Pinterest allowed nudity, I bust out laughing. There’s porn on Pinterest, Craig!
    I bet you’ll come up with some good stuff while you’re not writing. That’s when the best stuff comes — when Ya Can’t. Like the middle of the night, lol!

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