Life takes precedence

I never even opened my manuscript today. Not one new word, or bit of editing. My wife and I were both off and decided to dedicate ourselves to other things, like each other.

The day started off with peach waffles.

Fresh from the backyard, these were awesome. There is a waffle in a baggie, and a few more spoonfuls of peaches in the refrigerator. I might do this again tomorrow.

It’s getting to where finding a good peach on the tree is a challenge. The birds are having a field day back there right now. There are probably about ten bushel baskets left on the tree. It grows enough for all of us, and I’m about finished with peaches for this year.

We had to get my wife’s car serviced today, so we spent an hour at the dealership. Service is free there, and free is important to us right now.

After that, we went to Old Chicago for pizza, and I had beer. There were a few stops on the way home to get Otto a new ball, and my wife some lemon cucumbers.

I pulled an odd stunt today. My out and about glasses are bifocals, and they darken in the sun. I elected to leave them home in favor of the progressives. All the material says you have to wear the progressives, or you’re never going to get used to them.

I would have liked to have the shades, but I’m determined to get used to these odd lenses. It’s working out really well. They have a distance correction, and that’s very clear. So far so good.

Drinking a couple of heavy dark beers, then heading out to 100 degree bright sunlight, was pretty strange. The peripheral vision on these things is dismal at best. Everything moves in an unreal fashion off to the sides. I may, or may not have said something to my wife about how her jelly was jiggling.

Honestly, I’m getting along well with the progressives, but there is a reason I have the other glasses too.

It’s looking like new fiction over the coming weekend is on thin ice. I only have two days this time, and we’re both off together. This story has no deadlines, so I’m not going to let it bother me.


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46 responses to “Life takes precedence

  1. “Lemon cucumbers?” Do tell…

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  2. Waffle looked great. Sometimes you have to live to write not write to live. Enjoy the moment.

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  3. Please tell me you didn’t say that to your wife. I’m surprised you’re still breathing. That peach waffle looks delicious!

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  4. Not a big fan of peaches, but those look good. So do the beers on a hot day. Is the peripheral vision supposed to improve over time?

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  5. Those peach waffles look yummy!

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  6. Good for you, Craig. Life should always take precedence. I managed to get almost 1000 words written this morning before the hubs and I went to a movie and out to dinner. (it’s his birthday). After we got home, I couldn’t get the momentum going again but tomorrow is another day! BTW, I love fresh peaches!

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  7. Sounds like you and your wife had a lovely day together. Sometimes you need days like that.

    Good luck getting used to the new glasses.

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  8. harmonykent

    Sounds like a productive day, Craig, even without writing a word … definitely living dangerously with comments like Jelly Jiggling! (Made me giggle). As you say, you’ve no deadlines, and I bet your brain keeps turning over ideas as you go along. Like Laurie, I’ve never heard of lemon cucumbers until now πŸ™‚

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  9. Peaches and a date day? Nice. Might want to keep the jiggling jelly comments to yourself, though.

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  10. Those waffles look amazing! Took my hubby a while to get used to his lenses also. I just wear one contact, so I don’t know how you guys do it. – I’d go crazy.

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  11. I seem most of the women have called you on the jiggling jelly comment, LOL. Yep, might want to rethink that one next time πŸ˜‰

    You have me thinking I need to give progressives another try. I just feel like I shouldn’t have to strain to see when I use them and that’s what happens when I try to do computer work or read a paperback. Hmmm.

    BTW, those peach waffles look yummy.

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  12. Getting used to new lenses is always a challenge. I am glad you are embracing the change. Resisting would only make it all harder. πŸ™‚ Well, you already know my mouth waters over the fresh hand-picked peaches. Yum! The wonderful part about being an Indie Author is that you set your own deadlines which means you can also move them. πŸ™‚

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    • I always put pressure on myself, and this time I decided not to. The story will get finished when it happens naturally. I’ve already had two releases this year, so I don’t think anyone will feel cheated. Some days we have to do other things.

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  13. If we were any closer, I would offer to swap blackberries for some peaches. Also, you could check around if any of your local food banks would send a crew to glean your tree. Less time spent cleaning up fallen peaches!

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    • True. It’s almost time for wild blackberries and huckleberries here. I used to can things, but find we don’t eat it all. Now it’s a few fresh, some gifts, and maybe a jar of jam. I’ve been known to take some vanilla ice cream camping, add a few fresh blackberries, and that’s it for the year.


  14. Ah – the poison of progressives. . .
    After the peripheral vision problem caused me to miss a sidestep and left me crippled with a badly twisted ankle for about 3 weeks, I took mine back and exchanged them for the tried and true bi-focals that shockingly worked the moment they were on my head. This geiser never looked back.

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  15. Maybe get a pair of clip-on sunglasses. I have a pair that are on my ‘permanently in the truck’ glasses. You can flip them up for the shady bits.

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  16. I have progressives, but I do have to move my head around and sometimes it cracks me up. I don’t need them to drive in daylight. I don’t need them to drive at all, but I like the glare resistance at night, so I do that.
    I loooove that you spent the day together, with peaches, without manuscript πŸ™‚

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