Kinda quiet around here lately

Must be summer. Everywhere I pass through on the internet has been pretty quiet. This includes blogs and social media too. Summer is usually like this, but it’s pretty noticeable this week.

It’s the work week right now, so I don’t have a ton to say. I did a bit of interesting research. It may not make its way into the current story I’m writing, but it might. If it does, I may change it up do one degree or another. It’s fiction, I’m allowed to do that.

The topic was black magic in Sri Lanka. I’ve dug into voodoo, hoodoo, and witchcraft over the years, but nothing from the Pacificish area.

Most of their practice seems to center around curses. These are more public than I expected them to be. Basically, you go to a temple, tell the priest what you want, and he sets you up.

Research indicated blessings and curses run about 50/50. There is no stigma against someone who would cast a curse. In Sri Lanka you should expect to be cursed fairly frequently.

It involves saying words upon a coconut, that’s been affixed with a burning thingie, similar to a candle. (More research is required.) Then the curser has to go outside and throw the coconut, with the flame, on the ground and smash it.

Most temples have a special rock in place for smashing coconuts. Throwing them into sand likely doesn’t produce the required result.

I’m assuming they remove the husk for this process, or it would never smash.

I had to stop to sleep, like I said, it’s still the work week. The last bit I found said there is no counter cursing. Apparently the coconuts won’t rebound upon the caster. You have to go to the temple and have it blessed away.

Honestly, it sounds like a good racket for the temple. Sell both curses and blessings, and keep that line moving.

I designed some characters once who worked upon this principle as a kind of con game, but I’ve never found a home for them. She sells curses, he sells cures… I’ll figure out something for them one day.

It’s possible to weave in some tiki masks, a flaming coconut smash and cast some kind of spell. Like I said, it’s fiction, so I can massage it a bit.

Or I could break out my old blender and some rum and invent something called a flaming coconut smash and curse myself.

Looking forward to Friday where I might find a bit more writing time.


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40 responses to “Kinda quiet around here lately

  1. That curse info is really cool. I like that you can expect to be cursed fairly often. We should start doing that instead of flame wars and reporting people on social media. Let the curses fly!

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  2. Your curse discussion made me laugh at this late hour. That decanter would make me want to give the stuff away and not drink it. That semi-visible bottle of Crown looks good.

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  3. Interesting. That temple/curse system is totally rigged I tell ya!
    And in simpler times I imagine curses could well have held a great deal of power if someone knew they’d been cursed…and assumed wrongfully that curses happen.

    And also noticed quiet times on WP…not least myself lol

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  4. I wonder if anything’s meant to happen if you then eat/drink any of the coconut that was cursed after it’s smashed? Is it still technically cursed? If so, maybe you could whip up some cursed coconut cream cake. Sounds like a good Halloween party dessert, if nothing else.

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  5. That decanter you have his scary! lols. I love the making your own Flaming Coconut Smash! Great research, Craig. I agree, it is so very quiet all around 🙂

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  6. I’m interested in being smashed, I mean, cursed by your rum concoction. 😛
    Work is hectic. I don’t want to be offline, but here of late, I’ve spent more of my free time taking pictures and eating yummy food than I have of reading and writing for leisure.
    Beyond art and basic geography, I know very little about the Pacific Islands.

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  7. Interesting research. Coconut and rum? I’m thinking about a yummy Pina Colada. 🙂

    This has been one of the quietest summers since I became involved in social media. Can’t say anything, I’ve been quieter than usual myself. But it’s been a good summer, so far.

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  8. Love when you post about your research. Then again, I’m a research junkie, as you know. 🙂

    This week has been 90 mph, and most of the to-do list involves leaving the house. I always feel so disconnected when I’m off-line for too long, but we gotta do what we gotta do to grow and nurture a local fanbase … those who prefer print to digital and enjoy meeting the author. Somewhere on my hard drive is a post about this, which I need to finish when time permits.

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  9. Here are a couple of sentences I never in a million years could have predicted I’d read: Most temples have a special rock in place for smashing coconuts. Throwing them into sand likely doesn’t produce the required result.

    Loving this research, Craig. And if you invent that drink, you let me know.

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  10. I like the idea of your characters who work blessings and curses as a con game. That could make for a great story, especially if one of curses actually works or rebounds. Very intriguing research too. I see the Sirens kept you busy.

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  11. Send me the recipe for your coconut curse drink!

    But also make sure that Tiki masks are appropriate to your Sri Lankan setting. It seems like they might be part of Hawai’ian/Pacific Island culture. Sri Lanka is more Indian/Near East, isn’t it?

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  12. Your idea with the blender and rum sounds like a good one.

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  13. As a child, my wife raised black chickens and sold them for use in blessings (and maybe curses).

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