A fair writing day

I didn’t hit it with a vengeance today. My crew is in a new country, and I needed to get some of the flavor on the page.

To do this, I used one of the unexplored supporting characters and weaved in a bit of his backstory. I think it worked out pretty well. He’s from this continent, and has proven useful.

The advantage is to have built fences. Now I have to live within those parameters, and I find it helpful. I could go back and change everything, but I usually find this to be a positive step.

There was a fight with the enemy sailors, but not in a way that would get them destroyed by the locals. (It wasn’t a dance off either.)

I’ve decided to let them tour outside the city while the foundry prepares their order. I’m thinking something do do with wine production, maybe stomp a few grapes. I think I’ll include some bee keeping, which could lead to some mead drinking as well.

It only seems logical that people who spend months on a ship would want to do things off the ship when the chance presents itself.

Maybe I should buy a good bottle of mead for inspiration. I’ve done stranger things.

Somehow, they should have a new problem to face when they get done playing in the countryside. It doesn’t have to be major, but I think the story would benefit from that. It’s time to do some more daydreaming about this issue.

Writing took me up until noon, but it was enough. I broke the 70,000 word barrier, and there is a lot of story to write yet. I usually suffer trying to stretch something to novel length, but that won’t be a problem here.

I dabbled with Lisa Burton Radio, but that didn’t take much time. Most of my afternoon was spent watching a baseball game. They won this time, so maybe my curse is broken. I hope so. It’s a lot more fun watching your team win.

Tomorrow is the day I call my parents, and my wife is driving home too. I don’t expect to get much done, but you never know.


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28 responses to “A fair writing day

  1. The mead idea couldn’t hurt. Worst case scenario is that you have mead with no inspiration, which is still a win. Been years since I had any of that. 🙂

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  2. My son makes mead. He got interested in it watching Vikings. Funny how one thing leads to another. Wishing you well, Craig. Can’t wait to read this one.

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  3. I went to a baseball game last week and had a great time. I can see how an afternoon could get by watching. Yeah, test some mead. Maybe get a recipe book and figure out how those guys would make it.

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  4. Sounds like the story is coming along well. Hey, if you think the mead thing might help, go for it. Whatever works for you…

    Hope your curse really is broken, and you can enjoy watching your team win. 😉

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  5. Since you’ve reached 70,000 words, you are now moving into the wrap-up phase. Great work, Craig! Congrats! Enjoy your Sunday.

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  6. Wow! Congrats on breaking the 70K barrier. You are kicking butt!
    I spent the weekend cleaning up short stories and managed to finish three. I think I might put the others on hold and move back to the WIP. Happy writing!

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  7. Yeah, I really wanna get off the boat 😉 Good call!

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  8. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide and commented:
    Craig talks a bit about his story, his process.

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  9. Land time for the pirates should be interesting. Have fun!

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  10. What a great idea to use a supporting character from a new region to do your world-building for you! I like the authenticity of the result and can see how it would create some parameters that you as the author would buy into. I would too, and it is helpful. Awesome tip, Craig. 🙂 Happy Writing

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  11. A meadery just opened very close to my house.

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