Date night, etc.

We’re flat broke right now, which is becoming a common situation. We’ve been holding a gift card we received at Christmas and today was the day to use it. It’s to an upper level restaurant called Barbacoa.

They seated us on the shady patio right beside the lake. Here is the view from our table.

Our meal was wonderful, and it was nice to spend some quiet time away from the house even for a couple of hours.

On the writing front, I still managed around 1800 words today. I used the voyage to create a lull between the action scenes, but kept things lively enough so they aren’t boring.

They arrived in a neutral country with the intent of conducting business. This is the one I think needs a better name. I’m calling it Tusconi for now, but hope to change it later.

Tusconi is a neutral country, and intends to keep it that way. They do business with everyone.

Lanternfish is at anchor, but they are under multiple fifty-pound siege cannons from the Tusconi, Tuscans, Tuskers, whatever I can call them.

Their enemies are also at anchor in the harbor, and other guns are covering them. Tusconi will buck no hostile activity, and yet the crackling energy is present. Any hostilities between these enemies would be fatal at the hands of the siege guns.

I use a storyboard, but all I have about this stop is the crew picking up ordinance. I need to figure out a different kind of tension for this section. Everything doesn’t have to be naval battles at sea. (But I still need to figure it out.)

My hope is to engage in some snotty dialog with the enemy captain or something. I might be able to mislead them as to where Lanternfish is headed somehow. Maybe learn more from them than they intend to give.

Maybe my pirates can goad the enemy into starting a fight, and let them pay the price for doing so. Could work.

It’s a different kind of section, and I may need a different mindset to get through it. Tusconi is even welcoming to monsters as long as they behave. The root monsters never behave. It might be fun to have them running around in plain sight for a change.

I’m pretty happy with my last fictional country, so my fingers are crossed here. If it takes me longer to work this section, so be it. I am not giving myself any deadlines on this one.

After they leave, they will be fully equipped and armed. The story will change to one of active pursuit of the end goal, with enough muscle to back it up. I’ll probably let them engage in a bit of piracy along the way.

While the end goal applies to the main characters, the bulk of the crew is looking to get rich at some point. A happy pirate crew tends to follow orders as opposed to one that wonders what’s in it for them.


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27 responses to “Date night, etc.

  1. A lovely date night, and some writing progress… Sounds like a good day to me.

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  2. harmonykent

    Sounds like a great day with some fantastic ideas cooking away. And the view from the restaurant is lovely 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a good amount of tension in that lull. Sections like that really help with downtime between action scenes because they don’t let things settle completely. Readers will follow along waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    • I almost need to step back today and let things ferment in my mind. I don’t want this to be a rushed section. There are a lot of characters now, and maybe one of the side ones can have a bit of an adventure.


      • Makes sense. Author down times can really help in situations like this. How big is the cast at this point?

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      • I have ten or twelve that get dialog at this point. Might be time for one of the lesser ones to stir things up.


      • I’ve been there with my stories. ‘War of Nytefall’ can have 7-8 characters in one discussion. I usually pick 2-3 that are the central focus and the others occasionally throw some insight into the conversation. This feels more natural. You can have a large group of people, but it’s typically only a fraction that does the lion’s share of talking while everyone else listens and joins in when they have something to add.

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      • Dealt with some of that in Cock of the South. It has a huge cast. They kind of get relegated to different levels, and that’s what’s happened here.


  4. Flat broke is never a comfortable place to be. I hope that cycle breaks for you. The story is progressing nicely!

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  5. Glad you had a nice date night out. That lake view is beautiful.
    I hope whatever you do with the story, you’re able to work in some “snotty dialogue” with the enemy captain. That made me grin.

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  6. I like the concept of “snotty” dialog. Would like to see what that looks like. Beautiful view.

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  7. All I can see now is the cantina scene from Star Wars. Even the music is running through my head.

    Lovely view of the lake. Glad you had a nice evening out.

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  8. I love date nights. Glad you and your wife had some lovely time together. I enjoy urban fantasy, so I’ve read lots of different battles, but the books that are ALL action wear me out. The “down” scenes that have rippling undercurrents are always fun. And they’re harder to write. Glad you’re letting yourself take your time.

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  9. Gorgeous view. Sounds like you guys had a good time. All progress is good progress.

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  10. Financially, flush is better than the undertow, but not by much. Sure hope things improve for y’all soon. You know what’s important to remember? License plates are expensive. Oh wait, I’m the one who needed to remember that. All I can say is we’ve got one less bill next month. Oof.
    That scene is a lovely one for a nice meal, I’m glad y’all had that gift card and one another 🙂
    I like the concept of the dialogue, a little leading, a little too much disclosure, feeds my ooh and ahh.

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