Glamping with bulldogs

I complained about our camping trip this week. I like to know where we’re going, and what we might be going for. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, but with no idea, it bothers me.

To make matters worse, it’s +/- the Fourth of July. My wife’s big plan was to go somewhere and camp out. Campsites are reserved months ahead of time around here, but they all offer a few that are first come first served. That was my only solace.

I asked for two weeks where we were going, and she never was able to spit out a location. She narrowed it down to about ten general areas, which is no answer at all.

On the Fourth, I said we were going somewhere around McCall. I chose this, because there is a sewer dump available in the area. (Two actually) It wasn’t a great reason, but at least it was no longer random driving.

There was a ton of traffic heading back to Boise, and most of them were towing campers. I decided we should at least look at Ponderosa State Park. Our chances were slim of getting a site, but it wasn’t far out of our way to check.

There were zero sites at Ponderosa, so I decided to head down Warren Wagon Road. There are lesser Forest Service sites all over the area, and if nothing else we could bushwhack another site.

Ultimately we wound up in a nice Forest Service campground alongside Upper Payette Lake. This was my office for two days.

When we got there it was over a hundred degrees. Bulldogs and heat do not get along. I left them in the truck with the AC running while I set up the generators and got the camper AC running.

It took hours to drop the inside from ninety degrees to eighty degrees. The pups had to wear their wet bandanas and drink lots of water.

Friday was much better. We got a head start on the heat, and it only got up to the mid eighties. The dogs got to play outside, and even took a walk. Otto loves meeting people and there were plenty to visit with around the campground.

Frankie is a bit more reserved, and even barks at people who walk by. She appreciated the cool green grass on her tummy though.

We got out of town with no movies, and there was no cellular service either. About all there was to do was read, and I did plenty of that. My wife brought her satellite radio and I listened to about half of a baseball game on Friday night. My team lost. I didn’t listen last night and they won. My curse is intact.

Some of you may not know how I was raised. We camped all the time. As teenagers, we would throw sleeping bags on the ground and sleep beside the fire with nothing but coyotes and stars to keep us company.

When we were a young couple, we had an army tent with cots for all the kids and a wood stove inside.

As one gets older, a camper has a lot more appeal. I never wanted all the flashy stuff that comes with a modern camper, but there really is no choice. As we’ve gotten used to it, I kind of look forward to movie nights out camping. I missed that this time.

Friday we took a drive to check out other camping areas. We drove all the way to Bergdorf Hot Springs, but didn’t stop to swim. It was packed and people were everywhere.

On the way home, our drive devolved into watching for a place that had a decent cell signal. This was so we could do our daily chores on some stupid video games we play.

How did it come to this? Camping has become movie time, satellite radio, and withdrawals from the internet.

Oh, and we ate well. The first night was just brats and some leftovers from home. Last night was steak and marinated shrimp on the barbie. I also downed two really nice bottles of stout.

I read about half of a great book, and will probably finish it while I’m still on vacation. I also added several thousand words to my new story. Old What’s Her Face and the bulldogs like to sleep in, and several hours each morning were dedicated to writing time. There are worse places to kick back and write.

My pirates got involved in a bit of larceny, pulled off a huge con, and had to fight their way out of port. They’re on the open seas now and headed for a neutral country. I expect with four more vacation days to make some serious progress.

Here is the obligatory scenery picture. Idaho is a beautiful state, and everywhere you turn is something worth seeing.


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28 responses to “Glamping with bulldogs

  1. It is gorgeous. Nice weather even tho you have to bear the heat. It has rained down here like a tropical rain forest every day for three months. Plus it’s 100 degrees. Red tide algae bloom is killing off all of the sea life and stinking up the place. Wretched agricultural and residential pollution…Big Sugar and their nastiness.

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  2. A beautiful scene in the last picture. I can appreciate the glamor side of camping. As a kid, I also did the sleeping bag on the ground kind of camping. Really too old for that stuff anymore. Give me A/C and bug protection and I’m good. Sounds like a fun time.

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  3. Majestic pines of the west. Oof, so different from here,always gave/ gives me the awe. I wonder if when westerners come east, they marvel over our fatter pines? Pines of the south do nothin for me, but the cones are ENORMOUS and I like that bit. Beautiful office! I mean really, Wow.
    The Mister and I love to camp and while we did a lot of camping with our older two kids, we don’t now. I think that, too, will be something we’ll do more of when we’re just us again. Camper or not, there’s somethin great about being outdoors with simple food, a fire to stare at, and a good night’s sleep. We both did camp a lot as kids. A lot.
    Books and a fire and lots of quiet. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, baseball curse or not.

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    • I’ve seen those sugar pines, or whatever they are, and the cones are huge. These are a treat for me. Nevada pines are all pinion or bristlecone. Neither of which looks much like a pine. Pinions have pine nuts though, and those are awesome.

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  4. I’ve seen lots of dogs out in this heat and wonder how they deal with the hot cement or smoky air! Good to know someone out there is remembering the furry friends 🙂

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  5. Glad you were able to find a spot to camp, and that the dogs did OK despite the heat. I wish all pet owners were as responsible as you.

    Great about your story and reading progress too.

    I remember days when camping meant the closest thing to technology you’d have was a torch and a camp stove at best, and the only thing between you and the ground was your sleeping bag (and maybe a ground sheet, if you were lucky). But those days seem to be gone for most of us. My last camping trip was something like yours usually are, where we had many of the comforts of home, including internet.


  6. Sounds like it was a fun, if not slightly chaotic, trip. I’m with the bulldogs on the heat. Not a fan.


  7. What a beautiful place to disconnect! Wow! Sounds like a little piece of heaven. I totally agree about the “roughing it” part. I prefer comfort over being tough. 🙂

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  8. I’m always amazed when you put a pic of Idaho on your site, because it’s always lovely and never what I picture. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Beautiful pic of Idaho, Craig. I’ve never camped before and hate the heat, so I’m not seeing a trip in my future, lol.

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  10. Wow. I’m in awe of the whole camping thing, especially your background as a kid and as a young couple with your wife. DH and I camped a few times way back in the day and his family had a hunting cabin in the woods that we would visit now and then. Makes me think of those days with fondness, although I know my back would never take sleeping bags on the ground any more.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    The photos are awesome!

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