Scouting ahead

It isn’t quite the weekend yet, but I have Friday off this week. It’s getting close.

Old What’s Her Face decided to go to Nevada to visit her brother this weekend. Darn it! What will I do left to my own devices?

There is writing time in my future.

I need to get through another sea battle, suffer some kind of damage, and discover something unexpected. That sounds easy enough, but it isn’t.

I want to unleash my new character, and have some lines already in mind. The tough part is balancing the new plan, the eventual success, against the losses and the bummer parts of the story.

In other words, the fun has to balance with the reality of being a pirate. It wasn’t an easy life, and I need to reflect a bit of that.

Honestly, free writing usually solves these problems for me. I know my characters and how they will react to certain things. Then it becomes a matter of timing. In other words, it’s all fun until someone needs an eyepatch. You don’t want to discover the disaster until the successes are revealed.

After that, I need to design a whole country, city, and culture. There are things I want to happen there, but don’t know if I can fit them all. It’s probably better to overwrite it and clean it up on the next pass.

If anyone is interested, I pinned some graphics to help me out. Here is the Pinterest Board.

There is a temptation to spend a lot of time in this new country. In reality, they’ll probably need ten days. If I do it right this can eat up some pages without becoming boring.

What I’m not looking forward to is naming things. I hate coming up with names. Those usually aren’t hard to change and at this phase I can come up with something and change it later.

Another struggle point is how to leave town. They can accomplish their mission covertly and sneak away, or they can screw it up and shoot their way out of the harbor.

There is a lot to be said for the latter part, but it might eliminate an option from the denouement part of the story. Maybe I can make it a really big country, leaving them an option for a happy ever after in an alternate part of the country.

Am I blowing it by talking about this stuff? Does anyone feel like I spoiled a fantasy pirate adventure by mentioning they will get a happy ever after? I kind of doubt anyone wants to read an adventure story where everyone dies and cries.

Kind of excited about this weekend. It can’t get here soon enough for me.


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37 responses to “Scouting ahead

  1. Have fun! I don’t think it spoils it at all!

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  2. You’d be surprised how many people want stories where everyone dies these days. I don’t know why, but I’ve run it a lot of cynics who think you can only end an adventure with darkness. They find ‘happily ever after’ for children and unrealistic. It’s kind of disheartening in a way. I say if that’s the ending you want then go for it. Although, you might not want to say it too often on the blog since it feels like a spoiler. Unless it’s a mixed bag with some getting the good and others getting the bad.

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  3. harmonykent

    I’m enjoying these story creation discussions immensely, Craig, and don’t feel they’re spoilers at all. And my brain being the way it is, I’ll probably forget it all by the time I read the book anyway, lols!!! 🙂 I love the graphics you’ve pinned too. Have a great weekend 🙂

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  4. Love hearing about the work. Makes me more excited to read; doesn’t feel spoiler-y at all.

    Have a productive weekend!

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  5. No. Knowing they’ll have a happily ever after ending is nice, but it doesn’t really spoil things. We still get to read the full details of what they went through to get there.

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  6. The knowledge of an HEA doesn’t bother me in the least (glad for it) and your story discussions are more of an overall concept so I don’t feel they’re spoilerish. Writing them out here on your blog probably helps work through the hurdles you encounter too. A bit like brainstorming. Have a great day off and happy writing!

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  7. A happy ever after is a selling point for me. I’m not into gloomy endings right now. And you’re not giving away too much to spoil reading the book. Loved the line about the new eyepatch. Fun! Enjoy your weekend and hope you get lots of writing done.

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  8. No spoiler for me. I like the idea of shooting up the harbor and then going to another place. Back in the day, no one knew where anyone was so hiding was easy.

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  9. I, too, look forward to the weekend 🙂 I’ve been working and still not quite up to par on the health meter. I miss my kids and my bed and my pets. In that order!
    I think it’s wonderful you can freewrite out any writing problems 🙂
    I like shoot em up in the harbor, as long as it doesn’t go on too long. Course, I am still struggling with the giant jellyfish…

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  10. robbiecheadle

    How awesome, you will have a great writing weekend. I am quite obsessed with my new book too and just want time to write. Enjoy it.

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  11. Quality writing time is ahead for you! Love the Pinterest board.

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