Not quite so organized

I stayed up past eleven o’clock last night watching my baseball team lose another game. They lost again today. Sometimes I think the only time they lose is when I can watch. It’s a powerful burden to carry a curse.

With that in mind, I hoped to sleep in a bit, but Otto wasn’t having it. Whenever he gets table scraps in his bowl, he can only hold out so long. My day started at six.

I tried not to do anything too heavy until after I called my parents this morning. After reading Father’s Day blogs, I really am blessed to still have them around.

I moved into writing by rereading what I came up with the day before. A few minor edits, and I was ready for new words.

The words didn’t come as easy today. I had to search back for some of the commitments I’d already made. Things like how many guns this ship was designed to hold. Gear certain characters have available to them. That kind of thing.

I also had to research the language of root monsters. Let’s face it, I’m making it up on the fly, but once I commit, I need to be consistent with it. This also revealed an inconsistency in the way I spelled some of their words, so I fixed it.

The biggest accomplishment was updating the “cast of characters” sheet so I have this data readily available.

On the momentum side, the root monsters declared war on seagulls. The cook declared war on root monsters, and my main character had to deal with all of it. Bay frogs were cooked and eaten.

There is a tropical storm brewing, and they sailed out to get ahead of it. The couple who got together had to figure out how to be together aboard the ship, but that was pretty easy.

There might be a use for the skin of bay frogs. They’re pretty big, like roast turkey big. Might make a cool look for some leather items. Frog skin gauntlets? Frog skin chicharones?

I’m debating whether the new character, Serang needs a magical fu dog at her disposal. That might be drifting too far into the magical stuff, but it’s added diversity too. What’s scarier, a realistic looking fu dog, or one that’s bronze with a green patina? They’re also supposed to come in pairs, so maybe she needs one of each.

Now that I think about it, that’s a lot of work from nine o’clock to noon. That’s when Old What’s Her Face got off work today.

She went to the store and went seafood crazy. We googled a recipe for grilled oysters. They turned out good, but they weren’t New Orleans good. This might have to do with living in Idaho instead of next door to actual oyster beds.

She also bought a few king crab legs. I’m stuffed right now.

My hands are kind of buggered up from shucking oysters and trying to coax king crab out of its shell. For those who don’t know, king crabs are kind of spiky.

I’m off tomorrow, but so is she. I may get some new words down, but I’m not making big plans.

Hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day. I called my dad. If you still have access to yours, you should too.


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34 responses to “Not quite so organized

  1. Happy Father’s Day. Sounds like you had a good one. Aside from the baseball team.

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  2. harmonykent

    It sounds like you had a good day yesterday, Craig. You have me so intrigued about your current WIP. I can’t get greedy, though, as I still have The Yak Guy Project on my e-reader waiting its turn, lols. Good luck with the writing! 🙂

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  3. Enjoyed hearing about your creative projects, Craig, and the fu dogs, root monsters and giant bay frogs. The seafood sideline gave me a chuckle too, your buggered hands after shucking oysters. Protect those hands, they bring us great stories….

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  4. Sounds like a super tale, Craig. I always make a character map after the fact. The problem seems to be that the characters develop so fast I don’t take the time to document them. The map comes when I’m trying to remember the color of hair or some other trait. Dinner sounded over the top. Have a great week.

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  5. Sounds like a good day, all in all.

    Thinking about the Serang’s dogs… You know how you need a male and female holly plant to get berries? Maybe Serang needs both types of dogs to make them do whatever they’re supposed to be able to do.

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  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful Father’s Day. Good for you!
    I could live on seafood. Now you have me hungry for crab legs!

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  7. Sounds like a good Father’s Day. I can’t speak to fu dogs, but I’m sure those who can will weigh in. Enjoy your day off!

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  8. Despite how it might feel to you, you did get a lot done. Well done.

    I spoke to my Dad on the phone the other day. I didn’t call him yesterday because he has his gaming club that he runs on a Sunday, so he asked me to just text, which I did. It was his birthday this past Wednesday too.

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  9. This new pirate story sounds like a lot of fun, Craig, and giving you free rein to let your imagination go crazy! Glad you still have your dad around. That’s special.

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  10. We’ve never tried to grill oysters, but it’s something I’m adding to the list. Sounds like you had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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  11. It is definitely about living in Idaho instead of on the shore. From one landlocked foodie to another, I know it.
    One of each on the Fu dogs! One of each! That is super cool.
    You really are lucky to still have your parents, and luckier to know it 🙂

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  12. I thought Foo “Dogs” were a Western misunderstanding of Chinese statues meant to represent lions. I’m not sure, though.

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