Home cookin, and my own bed

My work trip is over. I’m really looking forward to some home cooking and sleeping in my own bed.

The work part was productive, even if it was a bit of hard work. McCall is a pretty nice place, and it isn’t too far from Boise. It’s a resortish area. It isn’t quite like Sun Valley, or Jackson Hole, but it’s getting there.

This is an iPhone shot out the window of the restaurant we ate at last night to give you an idea.

Speaking of the restaurant, how could I pass this up…honestly?

As the author of The Yak Guy Project, I felt obligated to try them. They were good, but very lean. Reminded me a bit of range beef, if anyone knows what I’m talking about. This is beef that never went to a feedlot to get fattened up before going to the slaughter house. Growing up out West, range beef is kind of a staple. You can always buy directly from the rancher, say a 1/2 beef at a time.

Home cooking amounted to a scrambled egg sandwich. Meh, can’t have everything. Old What’s Her Face didn’t know when I was coming home, and I respect not wanting to prepare something fancy if I wouldn’t be home in time. I honestly didn’t know when I would get home. I was at the mercy of the group.

I’m off for the next three days, and hope to accomplish a couple of things. I need to work on some interviews, and I’d like to move my pirate story along too. I’ll have prime writing time, because my daughter is already in Sun Valley, and my wife has to work.

I already know I’m going to have to force things on the pirate story. In real world time, they are holed up doing repairs that will take a long time. In story time, I’m going to have it take a month, but that’s speeding things up. My mission is to deliver the concept of time to my readers, and divert their attention with a side trip for two characters. This is because I want to expand them a bit, make what is really going on be a surprise when it’s revealed, and maybe even dabble in a tiny bit of romance on a tropical island.

I can keep some tension by having the best friend complain that the main mission seems to be getting lost. Spread a bit of dissent, that kind of thing.

Piece of cake, right?

I probably missed some things while I was gone. I’ll browse pretty fast in an attempt to catch up, but I’m almost certain to not read every bit of what I’m trying to catch up on. Hope you guys understand.


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34 responses to “Home cookin, and my own bed

  1. What a pretty view. Not at all how I pictured Idaho. Welcome back.

    Hope you have a productive three days!

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  2. One of the first things I learned ( among so many other things) was that nobody can ever manage to do it all. Writers, especially, have to learn to live with ‘doing our best’ and stop striving to reach the top of the pile!

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  3. I guess there’s a yak farm around there since it’s local meat. Heard of bison farms, but never yak. Definitely sounds interesting. Good luck with the project. The tension building dissent sounds like a good idea.

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  4. I’m sure it is good to be home. Hope the three days are enjoyable. 😀

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  5. There’s nothing like coming home for a bit of home cooking and your own bed. Even if the home cooking wasn’t anything fancy.

    Glad the work related stuff went well. Hope the writing stuff does this weekend too.

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  6. When I don’t know when to expect The Mister, or am not hungry myself, his favorite option is a fried egg sammich. It cracks me up. So the part where you came home to a scrambled egg sandwich made me chuckle.
    It’s a beautiful view from the restaurant. I haven’t eaten yak, so I’d try the same.
    I hope your weekend is great! 😀

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  7. Welcome back (although the welcome is a little late).That view is amazing—and I got a chuckle out of the yak dumplings. That was kismet!

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  8. Beautiful view – and you’re more adventurous than I am with the food.

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