Odd day to update

I had to change my work week around. This led to me getting Tuesday as my flex day. I kind of expected to get a lot done, but it never felt quite right. Sometimes you just have a feeling.

Otto tried to get me started early, but I got him to go back to sleep. I didn’t get up until 7:00.

This is still okay, but the dogs were well rested and crazy for a few hours. Think of a moving battle that rolls from room to room and across the floor. They’re just playing, but bulldog style has to be witnessed to be appreciated. Imagine two hippos with mouths wide open. They growl and rush at each other before a lengthy pushing match ensues.

I wound up reading through the last two chapters of Lanternfish and making some edits. I discovered an odd bit about paying off the crew when they got to the pirate stronghold. It’s all fixed now, but it took some thought and experimentation.

I also dreamed up a few more scenes to bring into the story somehow. Then I drifted off into research.

This time it’s about jellyfish. How they work, which parts do what; that kind of thing. It’s probably going to lead to a jellyfish that’s several miles wide, and big enough to get a ship stuck for days. It’s also big enough to ensnare an entire pod of whales. It’s a work in progress, so we’ll see how that comes out after a bit of improvement.

I’m also working on bits about the root monsters vs seagulls, and vs the ship’s cook. May, or may not, include them.

My daughter was home today, so we spent most of the day talking. For some reason I can daydream and say, “Uh huh,” at the same time. (I think it’s a Dad thing.) Her last day at the Boise job is tomorrow, she starts in Sun Valley again Sunday.

The cat will be moving with her. He was pretty funny today too. He attacked the dogs and ran upstairs. He’s quite the little antagonist. He likes to hide between the throw pillows while Frankie tries to draw him like a badger.

I can’t complain about today’s outcome. It will be the last big visit with my daughter for a while, and it was nice. My story is between acts, and at a transition phase. It’ll keep.

Things might be quiet on my front for the next few days, but Lisa Burton Radio is all scheduled and ready to go. I will respond to comments and such as time allows, but will be with colleagues in McCall and my time is not my own.



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36 responses to “Odd day to update

  1. I’m rather curious about how the bulldog playing goes now. The visual you created probably doesn’t do it justice. The jellyfish idea sounds really cool. Did you happen to read about one that is practically immortal?

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  2. I thought that jellyfish idea definitely sounded imaginative! One a mile wide? That’s a scene fit for a movie.

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  3. harmonykent

    This made me smile, Craig. It sounds like a lovely day with your daughter. And the jellyfish thing sounds awesome. You have a great way of painting a picture with words! Have a good rest of your week πŸ™‚

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  4. Ha ha! Oh the talents parents possess of quickly learning to multi-task while “listening” to their children!! Ha ha!

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  5. Yes, definitely enjoy your daughter. Family is a treasure. I can just picture the Bulldogs at play. I would imagine that furniture might get jostled a bit. πŸ™‚ I would think one of the hardest things for a writer is juggling a writing career and a day job. I look forward to a new Lisa show!

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  6. I spent five days with my daughter so I know how it is to count that time a precious. I could envision your pups playing. The idea of two hippos with their mouths open is a scene I have had here. Reminds me of a good old barroom brawl.

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  7. Family time is priceless. Glad you got it, even if you were daydreaming through part of it.

    I know how my Labs play, so I’m imagining that only shorter and squatter, and it’s adorable.

    That jellyfish is going to give me nightmares. I thought man-of-wars were big! (And they’re not even real jellyfish.) A mile! Wow!

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  8. I love watching jellyfish in the water, although I would not want to encounter a colossal one.

    The bulldog play sounds like it might be a lot of fun to witness, especially as described, LOL.

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  9. JEEEEZ, Craig. Is the giant jellyfish really necessary?!? I don’t know that I can subject myself to the terror. Wouldn’t cute lil jellyfish who float around having esoteric conversations be better?!? LOL
    I am glad for an odd day update πŸ™‚

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  10. I’ve got to jump on the bandwagon here and say that a whale-eating jellyfish is awesome.

    Oh, and biologists are on a kick lately about reprimanding everyone who uses words like jellyfish and starfish because they aren’t really fish. If you have a character who everyone likes to punch in the nose, you could have him point this out.

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  11. Glad you got to spend some time with your daughter before she leaves, Craig. Bet you’ll miss her cat more than you think – scratches and all.

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  12. I know how crazy it can get when little terriers (Westies and Yorkies) play like that, so I can imagine how crazy it must get in your house during play time.

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