Rambling thoughts today

I’m getting keyed up for my writing day tomorrow, pending distractions. Distractions are always possible.

I’ve been thinking about that tiny gap between my fingers and the keyboard today. There is a story in my brain on one side of the gap. The other side of the gap holds the promise of a story everyone can read, and hopefully enjoy. All I have to do is complete the circuit and make it happen. That’s my big plan for tomorrow.


I got a visit from Lorelei, the Muse the other day. It always seems to happen that I get scenes that have nothing to do with my work-in-progress. This one goes to the cyberpunk outline I have started, tentatively called Grinders. It involves the cop’s brother. He is a cyber-shut-in. This is a world of delivery by drones, many online worlds to explore, and some people who haven’t left the apartment in years. The guy makes his living by spamming for others, and by exchanging cyber-currency in various worlds he lives in. Of course, this guy will have to hold some kind of clue to help find the bad guys, and the estrangement between he and his brother should be palpable.

Anyway, I made an index card and added it to the side of the outline. I’ll figure out what to do with this guy later. I have at least two books ahead of this one.


I have a coffee maker with a metal, thermal, carafe. Eventually, you have to microwave the coffee anyway. Why hasn’t anyone invented a carafe that can be microwaved in its entirety? Metal pots and microwaves don’t work very well. Ceramic ones could hold heat and go in the microwave. Then I could take it to my writing place and use it there. Maybe a cool one that looks like a shrunken head or something.


Why hasn’t someone invented microwave hot water heaters. We have hot water on-demand that heats smaller volumes very quickly. Why not do the same thing using microwaves?


While we’re at it, I still think we need computers that focus for us. I could make some adjustments to the monitor and work without my glasses. You might not be able to see it, but you could focus your own computer. It’s allergy season, and I spend as much time cleaning my glasses as working for the next 30 days.


With that brain purge, I think I’m ready to work on my piracy story tomorrow. Do your heads ever get filled up with extra thoughts until they distract you? Do you find that writing them down helps get rid of them?



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37 responses to “Rambling thoughts today

  1. Yes, I love to ask the questions, wherever.
    These are good questions. Have you seen the water heater that’s a small box? I really want one, but The Mister says we can’t have one until we’re two.
    It’s a good point about the coffee pot carafe situation.
    I haven’t had a microwave in years.
    LOVE the header photo πŸ˜€

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  2. to which I’ll add; writer to writer, regarding our non-ending battle to wrestle English back under control; why are there so many things flat out broken in English? Point in case – why doesn’t the word “food” rhyme with “good”? With inconsistencies like this – it’s a wonder anyone is a poet.

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    • English is known as one of the strangest languages on the planet. It occurred to me that you might want to check out Story Empire. It’s a group blog I contribute to. There is a backlog of postings that deal with many writer issues, and it may be of interest to you.


  3. Haven’t had a lot of rambling thoughts in the last few months. My brain has either been focused on something or dragged through anxiety. I’m with you on that computer focusing idea. Half the time, I don’t even realize things are off until I’m getting a headache. Good luck with the writing day.

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  4. I’m glad you got all that cleared away. Now on to a productive weekend.

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  5. You have some good ideas there, especially the one about adjusting the PC for our eyes… and ALWAYS write down every thought, never rely on memory…

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  6. Interesting thoughts.

    Yes, random thoughts like that happen in my head too. Along with random questions. Writing them down helps most of the time, but not always.

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  7. harmonykent

    I have random thoughts all the time, lols! Sometimes jotting them down helps, but often, it feeds the flame …. moan!! πŸ™‚ Have a fantastic writing day, Craig πŸ™‚

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  8. Ha ha! A great purging! All great questions, and I love your cyberpunk shut in idea, I hope it gets fleshed out! 🍻🍻

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  9. Yikes! Watch out for Lisa’s flamethrower so close to your beard, Craig! Absolutely, my head gets so full of “to-do lists,” story ideas, new song lyrics, random disjointed thoughts and songs that get stuck in my head. I write down the to-do list and try to breathe through the rest. πŸ™‚

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  10. Okay. I want that carafe. And the focused computer screen. Work on those in your free time, please! lol

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  11. I like the idea of a brain purge. Yours was highly entertaining.
    And oh, for a computer screen that would adjust to my eyes. I am SOOOO tried of cleaning my glasses.
    Here’s to a productive writing weekend–cheers!

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  12. A brain purge sounds pretty good right about now.

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