One of those days…

The internet has been pretty quiet this week. I noticed the number of posts in my reader is down, and other forms of social media are less active too. Blogging usually slows down for the summer, but Twitter seems to never end. Whatever the reason it’s observable.

I’m in kind of a blue mood. These happen every once in a while. I’d like more sales, more reviews, more of everything. This isn’t unusual, but the summer slowdown seems to be hitting Yak Guy kind of hard. I should have released it a month earlier than I did, or held it for Fall. What’s done is done now. I think it’s a good story, and hopefully folks will read it and feel the same way.

I’ve also been fighting with finances again. This seems to be a recurring battle, and I ought to be used to it now. It makes me have strange ideas about whether publishing my stories is worth it at all. The dream is just to pad my retirement a bit in about eight to ten years. I could easily write my stories and park them in a box somewhere. They make me happy, I feel creative, but it kind of kills the improvement. Readers help me whet the edges and raise my game. Publishing costs money, even if it’s just a cover, and that creates a vicious circle.

My daughter has taken a new job that will send her back to Sun Valley. She loves it over there, and it’s a supervisory position for more money. I hope she can find a place to stay, because Sun Valley isn’t like the rest of the planet. Things are expensive there.

I kind of like Jackson the cat, but he’ll be moving with her. There is one small benefit to this too.

I need to get over my crappy mood and get ready for the weekend. I have piracy to write about, and don’t want to spend the weekend pouting. I found this somewhere on the Internet and it helped a bunch.

Mayhaps I should searcheth around and see where I can buy this needlepoint when I have a few bucks. This is a powerful message, and would look great on my wall somewhere. It’s a good reminder to get over myself and get back to work. I WILL get back to work and put the evil thoughts behind me… by Friday… Saturday at the latest.



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38 responses to “One of those days…

  1. These days are quite common Craig.. and I have had one or two lately. I am sure that your daughter going to Sun Valley and taking the cat cannot help. It has been quiet generally and we have had several holiday weekends in May and good weather so that might explain some of the reduced traffic.. Also quite a few people have been freaked out by the new privacy laws and that may also account for some of the decrease.. I notice that there are a few US and Canadian sites that I cannot access because they have not put up a privacy statement. It will settle down I am sure. I will keep my eye open for new reviews for Yak Guy…. and boost when I can. Sally

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  2. harmonykent

    I seem to have days with bursts of energy and then I flatline again, and those flat days always affect my mood and creativity. Like you, I’d love for sales/page reads to get better. You can’t give up, because I love your books! Here’s hoping your week improves … if nothing else, those scratches will heal up! 😊

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  3. I’m with you on all the author stuff. Though I’m changing mine from getting reviews to simply keeping the ones I have. Been a bad week for me in that arena. I noticed a slowdown starting at the end of April with bogging. It was slow, but I’m wondering if this year’s slog is going to be a bit longer. Lots of people seem to be fighting some level of the blues and are claiming social media is a big factor. Could be we’re looking at a summer where many people unplug to restore their sanity and mood.

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  4. Well, I am right with you on a summer launch. We are doing The Contract now but I have no expectations as to best-seller status. Yeah, I would like to sell tons but know it’s not going to happen. You need to take a Porter pill and call me in the morning.

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  5. I have those blue periods now and again, when I get *thisclose* to tossing in the towel. We put so much pressure on ourselves and what we do costs us an outlay of $$$ if we want to get anywhere. Like you, I hope to pad my retirement income.I would write regardless, because I love it so much, but having others enjoy my stories is a major benefit—as is the small income I make from selling them.
    I hope all goes well for your daughter, Maybe one more pic of Jackson before they leave?Just for the scratches sake 😉

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  6. Sun Valley. Whoa. Nice.
    Perhaps I can usher in a bit more zest here — Instead of thinking of your books will pad your retirement, imagine one of them sells millions and that IS your retirement, and you retire early, and spend all your time NOT on your paycheck job, but writing more bestsellers.
    Then your daughter builds you a guest house and dog play park out back in Sun Valley, where you visit for family retreats and beer drinkin, mk?
    Twitter is my place for LOLZ. I always need the LOLZ, even when I don’t play along 🙂

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  7. Having these down days seems to be par for this writing lark, but they don’t help us to stay motivated. I am having trouble with my back this week and couldn’t be more depressed if I tried. I should listen to Anita more, for her mantra makes more sense. “This too will pass…” and you know, it always does.

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  8. Sorry you were having one of those days. Hope you’re feeling a bit more cheerful this morning.

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  9. When I get blue, I keep it to myself and fake happiness. When I see red, I tend to go off. I think we all have our moments. Here’s hoping you get out of your funk soon.

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  10. Hey Craig. Agreed and amen to several of the thoughts above. For what it’s worth, I noted that you posted a free copy of one of your stories via Amazon Kindle so I picked it up and bought a second one so I’d be ready for a doctor required down time for a back surgery. So, you have 2 more reads coming and a pinch of revenue and I get to curl up and enjoy both stories to help me sit still and heal.

    Am very interested in your observations about readers trends and such. Recall that I’m new to this world and the read-traffic of my story collection is most likely not normal. My project is close to where I wanted it to land before growing more slowly, but my use of a free site has all but closed me off to regular SEO and WordPress really doesn’t want to offer me much in the way of support.

    So, since I can’t sit in front of a computer for long, I’m going to get you those two reads and tinker with my collection and readership trends later when life gets back to normal. See you later between the lines of your stories.

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    • Yuck. Deal with your back issues and come back to us. I hope the books take some of the edge off. This is a free WordPress blog, and the building of it takes time. However, the ease of interacting and sharing seems to work better than other places. That’s why I stay.

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  11. Just now catching up, Craig. You and I are in that valley together, I think. Sales for my new release are nonexistent, so I was glad to get out of town for the weekend with friends for a distraction. Back to real life today!

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    • Mine too. I’m still writing new material because I enjoy it. If this is the way things are going to be, I can save time and money on promotion in the future. Slap a cover on it, publish, and walk away. I’d gain a dozen hours per week.

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