Welp… Sunday.

I worked on writing projects this weekend. I could have been more productive, but could have gone the other way too.

Part of the mix, as always, is to keep Lisa Burton Radio moving along. At this stage of the game, I have worked ahead, so I stole some time for writing.

I didn’t accomplish much, but I never intended to. I needed to familiarize myself with the manuscript, because I stepped away from it for so long. This involved some light duty reading, and a few corrections along the way.

Writing never started until about 10:00 Saturday, and it came to about a chapter. We learned that bored pirates will do nearly anything for rum. We also spotted a distant ship on the horizon, and started giving chase. My intention is to give the idea that it takes time to pursue a distant ship in the age of sail. This isn’t to mean things are boring now. I’m using this phase to illustrate a battle plan and make ready. This will be a one shot thing, but I think it’s important to include.

Next stretch will involve a sea battle, some monsters, more monsters, some magic and mayhem.

After that, I assembled and scheduled interviews into early July. I have a hard time not forging ahead on these things. Right now, there are two more I need to work up shticks for. I know what it’s like being an author and trying to promote my work. However, what am I supposed to do when I get fifty applicants at once? These post once per week, and there are fifty-two weeks in a year. Not everyone will come through, so that won’t be the case, but it illustrates my position.

So, should I bust my hump and get those two shticks written and sent to the authors? Absolutely. But with being scheduled into July, I have to take the hours I can get for my own writing. I suffer with this all the time, and I realize there is no right answer.

I hope my guests will forgive me, but everything will be finished in time for the remaining July dates.

I also wrote my next post for Story Empire and got it scheduled. Then I roughed out one after that. I may not use that one, but I actually have an alternate idea too. I may pick away at that during the evenings, and decide when my next turn comes around.

Oh, I also assembled and scheduled a post I’m hosting for some friends. They sent an html file, so it amounted to a couple of clicks, but it’s ready too.

In personal news, we didn’t do a damned thing beyond hanging out. No date night, nothing. I managed to watch a couple of baseball games and even drank one beer.

I consider it a productive weekend, even if it wasn’t massively productive. I hope all of you enjoyed your weekends too. My next flex day is Friday, and I hope to deal with those monsters, cannons, and magic.


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27 responses to “Welp… Sunday.

  1. It’s always a juggling act with blogging and writing. You’ve got a good thing going with LBR, but I imagine it’s tough when you get hit with a lot of guest submissions at once.

    I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to this weekend on the writing front (actually editing) but I did have two fun days of shopping, so I’m happy. I still feel ahead of the game overall for the first time in years (yeah, years).Hope I can stay there.

    Have fun with the pirates. Your crew will be waiting 😉

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  2. Congrats on all the Lisa Burton interviews and making some progress. Did you ever think she’d be this popular? Looking forward to hearing about those monsters. Hope they don’t drink all the rum.

    (Original comment was longer, but something happened where I couldn’t send it and had to refresh. Been happening a lot on other blogs for some reason.)

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  3. Seems it’s feast or famine with blog guests. You can only do what you can do; don’t make yourself nuts over it.

    I’m excited for your pirate story!

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  4. I don’t know. Sounds productive to me

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  5. You can only do so much, and sometimes your own writing needs to be the priority.

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  6. harmonykent

    I had a complete weekend off, first in a while, lols. And with this heat and humidity (it’s the humidity that gets me), I needed it. Have a great week to come! 🙂

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  7. I love how much you are doing when you are NOT doing! The Yak Guy is fantastic.

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  8. Html format makes a post so much easier to share. No downloading graphics – just copy and paste. Sounds like a productive Sunday to me.

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  9. Sounds like a productive day. Our granddaughter had her first dance recital (she’s 4 y.o.). So, no writing for me, but that’s okay. Sundays are for family and/or chillin’. Monday is never far away.

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