Mid-Week posting

I’ve always tried to post three times per week, plus have Lisa Burton Radio on Thursdays. I hear whispers of folks stepping things back during the Summer, but I never have. There are times when I have more to say, and will exceed this number of posts, but I like to keep fresh content coming.

This isn’t always easy, so sometimes you get pet pictures, or something about sourdough. There are times when I’m not actively drafting a new story, and still want to post something.

April and May were tough months. My paycheck job was busy as it ever gets, and that takes a certain amount of calories. I also set a goal of releasing Yak Guy before school lets out for the summer. This is because my experience with summer releases isn’t very good.

Good news, two new five star reviews showed up this week… so far. An author could always use more.

During this same stretch, I was swamped with Lisa Burton Radio interviews. Since I am a weekend warrior as an author, this cuts into my productivity time too. I closed my current novel, and focused on getting other things accomplished. In this, I feel like I’ve been successful.

I have interviews scheduled ahead until the later half of June. I have one more to assemble and schedule, but since you can’t read it until the end of June, there is time to catch my breath. I’m down to following up authors I’ve sent materials to, so there will be July interviews. If you’re interested in having a character interviewed by Lisa, it’s possible to shoehorn one in based upon other folks dragging their feet.

Over at Story Empire, I need to check the schedule and write those posts I’m going to be responsible for. I may write something and get it scheduled over the coming weekend.

One of the things most folks are struggling with now is called GDPR. I think it stands for God Damned Privacy Regulations. Most of us are posting a privacy policy on our blogs and websites to be as compliant as possible.

I’m against the whole theory behind this, but I went ahead and posted one anyway. Please look up at the top of my blog.

Yeah, all the way up. There is a page called “Privacy Policy.” I think I covered all the requirements, but this blog is called Entertaining Stories. This means I tried to make it informative and entertaining at the same time. Make sure you’re all protected and check it out.

Today, I dusted off The Voyage of the Lanternfish and read the whole thing; all 30,000 words. If things work out, I may be able to add some words to it on Saturday. I’m introducing the pirate crew, so a few of their stories are appropriate. Fortunately, a bunch of sailors telling stories isn’t too hard to sell.

I have one more event in the getting acquainted with new characters part, then there will be a huge sea battle. A battle with monsters and magic included. I’m excited to get back to it… if things work out.


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29 responses to “Mid-Week posting

  1. I enjoyed your Privacy Policy. Why don’t you just check the privacy thingy in WP settings and be done with it.? You need folks to affirm that they understand. Yours is pretty passive. Just a thought. Yes, I read your privacy policy and understand.

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  2. Excellent statement! 😀

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  3. I’m confused on the GDPR thing. I thought it was only for the UK, but I’m seeing it everywhere.

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  4. Colleen Chesebro

    You crack me up, Craig. Hang in there. 😀

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  5. I love your version of the acronym. My eyes usually cross when I see those letters.

    Wishing you a productive writing weekend. (And for the record, I never mind seeing posts about sour dough.)

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  6. Saw a comic the other day where some kids were doing the Ouija board thing, and it spelled out “We have updated our privacy policy”.

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  7. If only all privacy policies were as entertaining as yours, maybe we’d all be more tolerant of having to jump through GDPR hoops.
    I’m hoping to work on some new material this weekend. Fingers crossed we both manage some word count.
    And kudos to you for sticking to a blogging schedule. Mine is all over the place!

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  8. I like your definition of GDPR. I didn’t know I needed a thing. I’ll look at your thing and do a thing, I guess.
    I AM having trouble getting posts out. Some of them aren’t even valid now, I’ve sat on them too long. You go, keep it up! 🙂

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  9. Basically, what it all boils down to is the point is that data protection laws weren’t as strict over here in the UK as they are elsewhere, so they’ve tightened those up a bit. Why we need everyone and his dog to post notices promising they agree they know the laws have been tightened up now is a mystery to me, but the fact they’ve tightened up the laws is a good thing.

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  10. Sounds like you have been even busier that usual, Craig. Keep churning out the posts. They are all great.

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