Whew, home again

This trip pretty much sucked. Like I said before, Vegas has never been my kind of town. We had travel problems both ways, everything was about double what we’re used to paying. The hotel water tasted like crap too, and I swear it was to force us into buying their bottled water.

However; the concert was awesome. Pink puts on one hell of a show. It was filled with intriguing sets, dancers, and more than you usually get in a concert. Her aerial antics are worth the price of admission. She did a duet with Eminem, but he appeared as a giant inflatable puppet.

This thing walked around, and his mouth moved during his parts.

She even flew over the entire stadium during So What.

What the heck, have one more.

Tomorrow, I need to chase down some Lisa Burton interviews I sent materials to weeks ago.


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34 responses to “Whew, home again

  1. That second photo is awesome. Glad the concert was a blast. Think you’re onto something with the water.

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  2. Niiice! Glad you enjoyed the show!
    I’m still galled by the coffee cost.
    I WHEW! with you!

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  3. Glad you’re home safely, and that you enjoyed the concert. Sorry the rest of the trip sucked though.

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  4. Welcome home. I’ve never been to Vegas. It’s not really my kind of town either. Glad you enjoyed the show.

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  5. Great pictures! I’m not a fan of Pink, but I have heard that she puts on a great show!!

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  6. Glad the show turned out to be good.

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  7. The concert looks amazing. Glad you found a positive among all the rest.

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  8. Sounds like you had a grand time–minus the over inflated prices. I always drink bottled water when I travel, and the prices are insane.
    I’ve been appreciating Pink more and more lately. Great to know she delivers for her fans.

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  9. Wow! πŸ˜€ Go, Pink! πŸ˜€

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  10. Wow. Looks like an awesome show! I’ve never had the urge to go to Vegas. All those people in one place … no thank you. On vacation I like to relax.

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  11. Always heard she put on an amazing show.

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  12. Wow!! My daughters recently went to see Pink here in Dallas and they said she was phenomenal! Glad you enjoyed the concert.

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  13. Sounds like Pink is the new Cher. Cher’s concerts are always over the top – but I think Pink has a better voice!

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