Time to move on to the next project

The Yak Guy Project has been launched. The tour is over, and it’s safe to come out now. I always try to reblog for my hosts as a way of paying them back. If you missed the tour, you can still catch up by scrolling back through my feed. If you have a mind to.

I am grateful to all of my hosts, and you can all borrow my blog space any time you like.

During the tour, we sold a few books, and even managed to garner a few reviews – all of which were favorable. I intend to share any review blogs I stumble across in the next few months too. Of course, if the reviewer just manages to find Amazon to post, that is more than enough for me.

I want to get back to my work in progress, but that’s going to take at least two weeks. I’m sure there will be a warming up phase too, because I’ve been away from it for a while.

I’ve also been thinking ahead. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration for me. I came across some great black and white photos from colonial Africa, and added them to a board called, “The One I May Never Write.” Many of these were people around campfires, and their faces are so interesting. There is so much character there.

Part of what’s holding me back here is popular sentiment about hunting. I can’t, in good conscience, take people from that era and work around the modern concepts of how evil hunting in all forms is. A young man in that era would want to go on safari, and he would enjoy the process. I used to be a big time hunter myself, and still look forward to my annual grouse dinner. I can write that part pretty convincingly.

I’ve toyed with some tricks. The woman in the story would be a local, and might impart some sensibility into his thought process. The group might be able to eat an entire impala, but it’s absurd to take an elephant for supper. The other trick is dealing with a man eater of some kind. Probably need a man eater in one of my type stories anyway.

The outline has a lot going for it, but the question remains. Will modern sentimentality kill this book faster than a .450 Jeffries to the head. It has a lot going for it, like magic, awesome setting, a love interest, a bit of war involving multiple factions, and oh yeah… diamonds.

Then there is a bit of author magic I need to do. I want to weave together some elements of style to help bring the setting up to something with a little more romance. There are some cool pins I’ve saved for that too. If you want, you can check the Pinterest Board. The debate still goes on in my mind. Should I dedicate months to write something the haters with an agenda could very well attack?

I don’t get it, but if you kill a fictional monster you’re a hero, kill a fictional lion and you’re a bad guy.

I also have a few different ideas involving Lizzie and the Hat. I’m determined to bring them back somehow, because that book performed really well.

Before anything else, we’re going to Las Vegas this weekend. Back when we still had money, we bought tickets to the Pink concert. I may be harder to catch this weekend, but I will get to everything somehow. This is my wife’s dream concert, but I’m kind of jazzed about it too. I’ve seen bits and pieces of her performances, and she puts on quite a show.

The following weekend, I left a bunch of people afloat on the ocean in a small ship, with piracy on their minds.


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33 responses to “Time to move on to the next project

  1. Safari-loving Hemingway is still loved (by people who like his writing, anyway). If this story is begging for your attention, write it. (Besides, sometimes controversy brings you more attention than safety.)

    Enjoy your trip!

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  2. Have fun at the concert. I’ve heard that Pink puts on a really good show, especially if it’s anything like what she’s done at award shows. I think I’ve mentioned that there’s no harm in writing that safari book and then seeing if you want to publish it. There’s actually a few authors that I see on Twitter whose books appear to involve hunting African animals to some extent and they seem to do well. Maybe if you do something that shows they aren’t poachers? Honestly, I’m not even sure if this is still a hot button topic these days. Haven’t seen much of it ever since that lion and it seems to only come up in regards to the Trump boys.

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  3. I think no matter what you write you may have people take issue with it. I’m a strong believer in writing what speaks to you. I don’t think any project is ever wasted, but I do understand what you mean if you’re looking for it to be a seller.

    We shouldn’t try to enforce 21st century views on stories set in previous eras. I remember having to catch myself while writing the PP series because sections of it took place in the 1960s. I had to remember words like mailman and stewardess as opposed to mail carrier and flight attendant. Seems silly but it would have been ridiculous to have my 1960s characters using the term “flight attendant.”

    If somebody picks up a book with a safari theme and it’s set in a time period where the ideology was different they have to EXPECT big game hunting is going to take place. If they have a problem with that, they don’t need to read the book!

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  4. I feel like the people who scream about random issues usually weren’t even consumers of those product classes (books, videogames, comic books, etc.) to begin with, so creative types don’t actually lose sales by offending them.

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  5. I would write what you want to write. But that’s me.

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  6. What Mae said. Write what speaks to you, Craig. There will always be people who complain no matter what. Have a fantastic time in Vegas!

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  7. I’m glad the tour appears to have gone well. I brought my copy of the book the other day. I’ll review it when I’ve read it, but I’m not making promises as to exactly how soon that will be right now, since health issues are messing with most of my plans at the moment.

    Hope you enjoy the concert.

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  8. I’m glad you get to see the show, much as you can. Enjoy! I couldn’t type at home all week and I was miserable. Good to know you were typing all the while 🙂

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  9. Reading The Yak Guy now and loving it!

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