An update

My regulars will probably understand that I’m involved in a blog tour right now. I’ve been sweeping through those posts like a madman and trying to keep up with the comments. I’ve also been sharing them on this site, so if you miss one, you can link to it from here.

I garnered a couple of awesome reviews, and books are selling. As a new publication, I can always use more sales and reviews. Fingers crossed that the remaining tour posts will net some more folks next week. There aren’t many left, but they are productive locations.

I got a notice from Stumbleupon that some of my posts are being shared. Both Flipboard and Stumbleupon are kind of odd ducks. Either of them can cause a post to go crazy, but they have an odd rule to keep in mind. They don’t want you only sharing your own content. If you do, they’ll filter you back.

This filter is all run by bots of some kind, so they don’t know what the content involves, just what blog I shared it from. When I checked out the notice, the Stumbleupon action was about my blog tour posts, but only because I shared the host’s post and not my own. Kind of a cool trick. I’m in the habit of sharing other posts from my friends, so I don’t get filtered now.

If you got some action from SU, that could have been because of me this week.

Yesterday, I did some minimal yard work, and still need to work on the sprinkler system. The dogs got to chase the squirrel. Well, Otto likes to chase him, Frankie likes to chase Otto.

They’ve gotten so attuned to the squirrel that we have to be careful saying the word. We moved on to rodent, and now they know that too. I’ve taken to referring to the arboreal mammal.

Yesterday, Frankie spotted him and put her feet on the sliding glass door. Then she checked for Otto. When I got up, the squirrel was perched on the fence, and looking toward her in the house. I swear the squirrel is into it too and wanted me to let them out. End result, everyone is crazy and happy.

We even managed a cheap date night last night.

Today, I dealt with three more Lisa interviews. I really want to get back to my WIP, but by putting it off, it freed me up for my release, tour, and some of my blog duties. I’m hoping to return to my story next month.

I also wrote my next post for Story Empire and got it scheduled today. I consider it a fairly productive weekend. Tomorrow will be all about calling my parents and working on that sprinkler system.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend.



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34 responses to “An update

  1. Congrats on the success. What about the word ‘varment’?

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  2. Have a relaxing dayI’m off to the Preakness.

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  3. I’ve been running all week and losing ground on everything else! Tomorrow is my rewind button and start all over for a new week.

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  4. now i can say that i, too, have visited stumbleupon. i wonder if i’ll ever go back.

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  5. Just grabbed my copy of “The Yak Guy Project” Craig! I’ so looking forward to reading it.

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  6. Just finished The Yak Guy and loved it! Our review will be live later on today, and we hope it really takes off!

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  7. Hats off to you, Craig. I have seen you all over the show this week.

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  8. I’m glad things are going well with the new book. I’ve been sharing the posts via the host sites whenever I’ve seen them… I know you’ve seen some of my tweets. Planning to buy the book in the next couple of days.

    Funny about the squirrel. Dogs are good at learning words associated with their favourite things to do. We’ve had dogs who even learned to recognize the words when you spelled them. I bet Otto and Frankie are smart enough to do that too, and will learn to recognize your new word choice soon.

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  9. I haven’t read anything since January, and the first book I was able to read happened to be your Yak Guy Project I got this week 🙂 So delighted for you! Another fantastic read and substantial food for thought.

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  10. Thanks for the heads-up about Stumbleupon. I shared this post there. I share lots of blog posts on Twitter, but will start also sharing them on Stumbleupon.

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    • It’s a weird place, because post after post will produce nothing. Then one takes off and you get 800 visits. It’s worth doing even if it doesn’t produce for a while. Story Empire gets quite a bit of action from them.


  11. How interesting that the dogs have learned to recognize the words squirrel and rodent. And that the squirrel seems to regard it all as a fun game!

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  12. “They’ve gotten so attuned to the squirrel that we have to be careful saying the word. We moved on to rodent, and now they know that too. I’ve taken to referring to the arboreal mammal.” LOL!
    They’re so smart!
    Glad you have an update with considerable happy content 🙂

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  13. I think the squirrel is in on all that romping around. The three of them sound better than TV, LOL.

    I’m having problem with SU. I love discovering things on it (and sharing) but lately it hasn’t been working for me. I have to try again.

    I spent the weekend working on the back matter for book 2 of Hode’s Hill (which is actually the start of book 3). After five straight days of rain we finally have son this afternoon. I’m on my patio with my Mac and a glass of wine!

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  14. Blog tours are exhausting. I think you’re managing well. I hope your hard work is paying off!

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