Today is the day. I didn’t get everything I wanted finished, but the heavy lifting is done. The Yak Guy Project is live on Amazon.

I dragged my feet getting started today. It’s been a long couple of weeks at work, and that 6:30 start time was fine with me for a change. I sipped my coffee under a pile of bulldogs, and surfed through social media.

For my second cup, I worked on uploading the story. I wound up doing some spastic “swipe” maneuver and lost everything I’d done to that point. The second entry worked, then the nail biting while waiting began.

While waiting, I wrestled with three different artwork programs to make a graphic for Twitter. After I got the word from Amazon, I updated my sidebar and the cover is a purchase link. The slideshow took a bit more effort, but Yak Guy shows up in the rotation now too.

I made the first step on the only paid promotion I used last book. I’m still waiting for a PayPal invoice, but that’s in the works now.

I really like to do things in A-B-C order under my own roof. I have to operate in a more helter-skelter fashion at my workplace, but try to avoid it here, because it stresses me out. Wasn’t meant to be this time. It’s more A-B1/2-C-B2/2, but I can handle it… tomorrow that is.

I’ll either get the invoice and finish that part, or jump ahead with the first wave of blog tour stuff.

There were some small things too, like getting it set up on Goodreads, Lisa posted about it on her Facebook site. That kind of thing. Lisa and I will be making the rounds soon, and there will be some new Lisa posters on her part of the tour.

So, new book. I reckon I ought to tell you about it. This is my site, and this is where my friends are. This means no deeply thought out third person blurb, just me telling you about the story. You’ll get more tidbits during the blog tour that’s coming soon.

Let’s start with this cool cover from Sean Harrington:

The cover tells you a bunch about the setting. You have a pseudo modern outfit, but with some feudal bits like the sword. The presence of the yak indicates there is no spaceship, Jeep, or dirt bike.

Yak Guy wakes up in the desert with no idea what happened to him. All his life, he’s used others to get whatever he wants. He’s the guy who will sleep on your couch, eat your food, and drink your beer. He’ll let you do the cooking and the cleanup too, but that life just ended – forever.

He’s rescued by a talking yak, who tells him he’s gotten a second chance at life. Change is required, work must be done, survival is optional.

Those who’ve followed regularly will remember this is the one I based upon The Fool’s Journey from the Tarot. An understanding of Tarot is not required to enjoy the story. Those with deeper knowledge will probably be able to pick out some of the Tarot characters and lessons, but like I said, not a prerequisite.

Yak Guy’s world was once modern, but hundreds of years of war destroyed all of that. I worked pretty hard to weave in some bits about what was lost, but not lose the situation they have during the events of this story. Right now, the idea of horsepower comes from actual horses, and they fight with pokey things.

Early sales and reviews are so important to a book. If you’re so inclined, this is the universal link It should take you to the correct Amazon outlet, no matter where you are in the world.

There are other things you can do too. Mark it as something you’re interested in on Goodreads. Share this post. Go to Amazon and use the sharing buttons directly from the purchase site. I already added it to one of my Pinterest boards from there. I also have that pinned tweet you can share. This post will auto-feed to the Entertaining Stories Facebook page, so you can share it there, or share the one Lisa made on her site. None of these efforts requires you to buy the book at all, but it will help spread the word.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest, and I’m excited to bring this one to you. I’m also excited to put it out there before school lets out for the summer. I’m declaring success for today, and I’ll work on more promo stuff tomorrow.


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52 responses to “Success!

  1. such powerful and great post!!!

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  2. Interesting you saying it’s based on the Fool’s Journey. Such a symbolic journey and important character. The Fool is the numeral zero, nothingness, raw matter, the evolving Soul. What a fabulous piece of work!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Got my copy. I’ll keep an eye out for the promo post.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Congrats.on the launch. Would be interested in what paid promo you used.

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  5. Congratulations! Yay! I will do some things when I get to it 😀

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  6. Just bought a copy and will review. Let me know if you need anything else?

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  7. The tarot angle sounds intriguing. Congratulations, Craig!!!

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  8. Congratulations!

    I saw Lisa’s Facebook post last night, and shared it. I also just shared the one that went up on Charles’ blog, and marked the book as “want to read” on Goodreads.

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  9. Woohoo! Congrats on Yak Guy! I’ve already purchased my copy. As someone who knows absolutely zilch about the Tarot–and who was a beta reader on this gem–I can vouch to your readers it isn’t necessary to have any knowledge of Tarot cards or reading. Of your full length work, Yak Guy is my favorite. It’s odd, imaginative, quirky, bizarre and…did I mention odd?I love it and am sure many others will too!

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  11. Wow, congratulations Craig! What an achievement!

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  12. Grabbed my copy already. I know how much time and effort (and heart) went into this one. Wishing you all the best.

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  13. Congrats, Craig! On the way to get my copy.

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  14. I got my copy, Craig! Congrats, again! Sharing! 😀 xx

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  16. Congrats, Craig! Yet another book out in the world. I’ve got too many of yours waiting to be read. I have to get this one, though. The Fool’s Journey is an amazing premise. From nothing to enlightenment? How you managed to bring the Major Arcana into a book about a ‘fool’ and a talking yak is beyond me. But I can’t wait to find out. Cheers!

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