Planning the weekend

Today marks the end of the longest two weeks we have at my paycheck job each year. In the last two weeks, I’ve had to put on a tie three times, make two presentations to groups, and several small ones to a political body. Prior to that it was all research, scripting, and Powerpoint stuff to get ready. But it all ends today! (Of course, I’m behind now at other work projects.)

On Tuesday morning, I received the upload copy of The Yak Guy Project from my formatter. Do you have any idea how hard it is to park on that for days that never end? Well, it’s hard for me.

Saturday is another matter. I can do my early chores, and start hammering it through Amazon. I have contacted the usual suspects and they agreed to help me with one of my home-made blog tours. There are a pile of pre-written posts in an attempt to keep them all unique. I also have some Lisa Burton art I’ve been parked on for nearly a year. I tried to contact folks in a small batch. This way, I can send them stuff and see what’s left. Then I can start a second wave and not lose track of who got what post. I used to do this all at once, and wound of losing track of things. Two waves should work… in theory.

Warning: There will be reblogs at Entertaining Stories. When people help me, it’s the least I can do to try driving them some traffic too.

I’ll send everything to my hosts after Amazon gives me the green light. After that, I need to update my sidebar to reflect the new title, deal with Goodreads, and all the peripheral stuff.

I already took the time to give the place a facelift. We have some nice fruit trees in bloom to replace the mud of Spring. Lisa’s ice sculpture of The Hat finally melted in the banner, but the yak is sticking around.

This is always an exciting time, but it kind of stresses me out. In some ways uploading to Amazon feels like putting my manuscript through a shredder. I had one bad experience many years ago and it’s stuck with me.

I can’t wait to get through this day, but the weekend will all happen in due time. I just have to remember this calming lesson:


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18 responses to “Planning the weekend

  1. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    If you have any posts left that you need someone to put up once you’ve dealt with sending to the usual crowd, feel free to give me a shout, and I’ll put one up for you. Regardless of whether you do or not though, I’ll Tweet the posts when possible to help you spread the word.

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  2. Always so busy, Craig. I hope it all falls in line soon.

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  3. Take a deep breath and hang on.

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  4. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate an end to the chaos. Good luck with the book and I’m here to help when you need it.

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  5. Congrats on the upcoming release, Craig! Hope all goes smooth with the upload (just make sure you don’t use the word ‘cocky’ in anything!
    Love the fruit trees, apple?

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  6. Congrats on being a step away from the official upload and launch. I hope Yak Guy gets a great reception.
    It’s Friday, those two weeks are (almost) behind you, and you’ve got a shiny new release. Time to celebrate!

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  7. I’m glad you’re done with the too many tie days and can get back to the regular schedule. I think you deserve a weekend of pleasures, much as you can.
    Love the new background! šŸ™‚

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