And the heavens parted

Yesterday was all about panic, because I realized I wasn’t going to get as many days off this month as I expected. This led me to schedule a marathon day to get more done than I usually do. I started my day by setting an alarm clock for 4:00 AM.

Dogs still need fed, and social media still needs tending to. Don’t laugh, if you’re building a platform it needs tending. This meant I got down to business around 5:00.

I received a couple of items for Lisa Burton Radio, and earmarked them for later in the day. My first stop was to proof the copy of my book and let her know it looks great. Got that much done before the sun came up.

I really needed four more advanced promotional posts. I have a list of topics I usually go to, and that helps. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an excerpt post I’d already prepared, but filed in the wrong place. It was kind of like the heavens parted.

One down before I even started. I worked on them for a few hours, before my scheduled panic break. During that time, I checked email and did some other minor projects.

I worked up to the point where I couldn’t think of another decent topic, so I turned my attention to Lisa Burton Radio.

I assembled two of those posts and sent the advance links to the authors involved. While doing the rote assembly work, another topic came to me.

My last promotional post is about the war that’s plagued the country in The Yak Guy Project. This took some effort in the drafting of the book, because the people have been divided for hundreds of years. Maybe some ideas how I reflect the outcome of all that will inspire a shopper or two.

That was all I expected to get done, but I didn’t stop there. I hacked out a rough book blurb too. It may need a look with fresh eyes, but if it exists I can fix it later.

I had to run into town to pick up a prescription, and then hooked up the hoses when I got home. Since I already had pants on, why not.

Old What’s Her Face wanted me to fire up the sprinkler system today too, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t want to spoil the joy she takes in asking me what the hell I did all day. She has no idea what goes into this stuff.

Besides, it’s time for pretty girls in hats, and a famous horse race I watch every year. I don’t have any actual bourbon right now, but I have a bourbon barrel aged stout that ought to be close enough. Then there is a baseball game I’d like to catch after that.


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18 responses to “And the heavens parted

  1. Sounds like a great day. I’ve got my Willett ready. I can almost hear the command for riders to mount up.

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  2. Why do I hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’ when I read this post?

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  3. Right on. Bourbon barrel aged stout will do. Enjoy the race! šŸ™‚

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  4. Sounds like a very productive day. Hope you enjoyed your time relaxing while watching the race.

    People who aren’t doing it themselves never do seem to get just how much work goes in to this being an author thing, do they?

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  5. Sounds like you surprised yourself. šŸ™‚ Way to go!

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  6. We combined three in one – were at a baseball game, watched the horse race with the pretty hats on our phones and then segued to the Big Ten Lacrosse Tournament (our team won). Multitasking is what it is!
    Good job on filling your day and getting through your tasks!

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  7. You are an inspiration, Craig. I love how organised you are.

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  8. As usual, DH and I were glued to the Derby. I grew up with the tradition and am so glad hubs has embraced it. We watched it outside on the back porch and had Cinco de Mayo food on the side. The last three days have been a working vacation for us, but the house and the yard are ready for summer. we celebrated by watching the Derby. Life is good.:)

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  9. You are truly inspiring, Craig! No wonder the heavens parted for you and shined on you so brightly. You deserve every good thing that ever happens to you and more, my friend! Did your pony win?

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