Time for a new plan

My goal this weekend was to work on Lisa Burton Radio interviews, and work on a few advance blog posts … at a leisurely pace.

This is the busiest couple of the weeks of the year at my office. This means we’re changing the flex schedule temporarily. Which mean I don’t get a flex day for two weeks now.

Then I got The Yak Guy Back from the formatter. I need to check it, and turn it back around. I also need four more advanced blog posts. On top of that, the posts I already have are too short. Maybe with a book blurb it will look better. Oh yeah, I have to write a book blurb.

I decided to set my alarm clock for 4:00 AM. The first mission will be to proof the copy of my book. After I get it sent back, possibly with changes, I’ll work on the advanced posts.

Maybe I’ll schedule in some def-con three grade panic around 10:00.

I actually am ahead of the game on the interviews. The only problem is in the final phase, because my guests aren’t turning them back right away. I have a couple more weeks scheduled, so I can float a bit if I have to. I’d still like to prepare a couple and send them out this weekend.

I should explain the reason for my state of mind. My experience with Summer releases is dismal. In my mind, it isn’t Summer until school lets out. Right out wrong, that’s my position. I’d liked to have gotten this done a month ago, but it was a matter of funds.

If everything happens according to my new plan, I’ll dig out my email list and send inquiries to my traditional hosts. It could work that I’ll have everything I need next weekend. These are folks who have larger followings, because the goal is to spread the word.

I usually leave an option of custom writing something for a couple of my hosts. Once in a while, they have a specific idea and I try to help them. Again, tempting fate, but I might be able to write those next weekend.

Hey, if everything works out perfectly, this could happen.

Disclaimer: I always freak out at book release time. Better have a beer tonight.


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26 responses to “Time for a new plan

  1. I’ll take one of the more basic posts to help promote that way you don’t have to worry about a special one. I can do one of those later on if you want a boost. Have to admit that I’m always lost on when summer starts since my son has always had school in July and August. Honestly, all year long seems to be tough for new releases the last two years, so I don’t know if the summer is any different than other times.

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  2. If you’d like, you can send me something. I’d be happy to help.

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  3. My father always sets his alarm for 4am. And then there’s another at 5am, 5.30am, and 6am. Hence why I set mine for about 10am and just don’t bother on weekends, haha. Some people work better under stress though, so there’s nothing saying you can’t pull through on this!

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  4. What the Hades happened to that locomotive?

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  5. Always happy to help. If I had read this last night I would have advised a growler. Maybe tonight.

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  6. When to release is always a dilemma. Whatever you decide, I wish you much success with the Yak Guy!

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  7. Yes, man, get your beer on! Or rather, since I’m late, have another tonight!
    I’m sorry about your loss of personal time. Hopefully busy season leads to greatness and soon you’ll be back to flexing 🙂

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  8. I don’t think I could see straight enough to accomplish anything at 4am. That picture describes my progress yesterday – feeling a bit better about it today.

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  9. I freak at book release time, too. It’s kind of being like a grade school kid again and standing in front of the class, forced to read your essay. You’re sure everyone is going to hate it. I wonder if there will ever come a time when we–at least I–feel confident in our releases.

    Your post reminds me that I need to start writing a bunch of (launch) blog posts, too.

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  10. Sounds like you’ve living in two speeds right now: fast and faster! Best wishes, my friend!

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