Out my office window again

Things have been pretty busy at work. I also have company coming this weekend. All of this means my time for writing projects is minimal. I still want to work on the pending interviews, but may not get as much time as I hoped for.

At least I have a cool view at the office. The other day two deer ran through the yard. They were moving too fast for a picture. The interesting thing was only noticed as they moved away. One was a mule deer and one was a whitetail. City deer don’t seem to follow the same rules as country deer.

This little guy has been keeping me company in the pre-dawn minutes this week. Maybe I shouldn’t call him little. Beavers are actually pretty big. Largest rodent in North America. Sorry for the image quality. It’s my iPhone, zoomed, through a window.

Not much more going on in my life right now. There’s work, and plenty of it.


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23 responses to “Out my office window again

  1. Wow though, on the nature around your office. I’d wanted my old boss to let me put some bird feeders up in the courtyard, but he was iffy about it, then at the job after that, I never saw the light of day! lol
    I have never seen a beaver in person, so I appreciate your zoom from afar 🙂

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  2. Gotta love beavers. Not anywhere near as destructive as people seem to think. It’s funny how they get a bad rep in some areas.

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  3. I love your office view. Would be a great view for writing. If only you could work on your fiction there, but I suppose it’s the last place you want to go back to in the evening. 😄

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  4. I love your office view and all the critters you get to see visit. My office backs up to a field, so we frequently see deer. Turkey vultures pop in now and then, but that’s about it. Right now, it’s raining and wet.
    Pretty cool to have that beaver power on by.

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  5. Your last line reminded me of a joke. A plane crash-landed on a deserted island. After surveying the island, the captain gathered the passengers together for an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen after surveying the island I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first?” “Give us the bad news first,” they all said. “Okay. the bad news is the only thing on this island to eat is gooney bird dung.” “Oh my,” the crowd mumbled. “What’s the good news?” The captain replied,”There is plenty of it.”

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  6. It’s wonderful to have nature so close. When I look out my window I see ducks and all sorts of birds, turtles and iguanas, but I’d love to see deers. I hope you get more time to write soon! 😀 xx

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  7. I get bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks mostly. Oh, and the gopher that’s taken a liking to my lawn. It’s more farm life here.


  8. Wow. Pretty sure I’ve never seen a beaver in real life (no crude jokes now).
    I DID have an office where we had kangaroos and Tasmanian running around though, so there’s that 🤗

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  9. Adorable. Things could be worse, like having to face a busy street. Love the view. Too bad you don’t have time to write.

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