That’s a wrap

It was a very productive weekend for me. It didn’t involve any new fiction, but I got a lot done. For three days I worked on interviews for Lisa Burton Radio. I never got them all done either, but I did all I could.

I should be able to move everyone to the next level next weekend. Some of these people have been waiting a long time. I can maintain my schedule without putting all this effort in right now. A couple per week keeps the line moving. However, I’m not patient at all, and don’t want people to think I’ve forgotten them. I shouldn’t expect my guest authors to be patient either.

As far as scheduling goes, if everyone returns the stuff I sent out this weekend, I can schedule interviews through June. I’m trading one logjam for another one, but at least folks will know something is happening.

That’s the funny thing about this slot. It’s feast or famine. It’s entirely possible that sometime in August I’ll be out of authors seeking promotion. It would be great if they would tickle in about one per week. They never do.

Still, it was very productive. I also finished reading a book. I started it on the way home from NOLA, and read 7/8 of it then. A two week gap, forced me to read back a bit, but I finished it. I also wrote a very short review.

Reviews don’t have to be long. A few lines about whether you liked the book, or not, and why, is all it takes. Think about this if you’ve finished a book lately. The review counts, it’s tallied based upon how many stars you gave it, and nobody expects a lengthy book report. These reviews mean a lot to the author.

I found some things on Pinterest and saved them to my Piracy board. I’d love to write about them, but it might take a couple weeks before they hit my story. These involve sea monsters and the like. I’m excited about them, but they will have to wait their turn.

If I can get the rest of the interviews on my flex day, I might get to new fiction on Saturday. Fingers crossed.


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28 responses to “That’s a wrap

  1. Sounds like you were on a sprint. time to unwind before Monday.

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  2. Love the paragraph on reviews. People seem to think you really have to put a lot of heart into a review, but simple works just as well.

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  3. Sea monsters? Did someone say sea monsters? 🙂
    I just know I’m going to freaking love your new story!

    It’s huge to be able to have blog posts scheduled that far out. I’ve been neglectful of my blog, but now that my WIP is behind me, I hope to be able to manage a few new posts.

    Good thoughts on reviews, too. I try to write one for every book I read, no matter if the author is indie or an NYT bestseller. Like you said, even a few sentences count.

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    • Yeah, but my monsters might be different than you expect. Actually, I kind of hope so. I just need some time to work on it. Reviews seem to stifle a lot of readers. They remember the book reports from school and panic. A line or two is all it takes.

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  4. I always worry my reviews should be longer, lol.

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  5. Nice post, Craig. I have been struggle to keep up lately but that is because I have been very busy at work for weeks and I am editing my new book. Some things have taken a bit of a back seat while I finish the editing.

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  6. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who buys a book and enjoys it, leaves a sentence or two?

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  7. Lisa’s interview is at the top of my to-do list today, Craig!

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  8. Sounds like you got a lot done and you’re clearing time to write new stuff. Starting a new story or book is always fun. Yay for you!

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  9. Glad you got some ‘catching up’ done! Roar like a lion this week! ♥

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  10. Glad you had such a productive weekend. Hope you can get some actual writing time next weekend.


  11. Well done Craig. Satisfying isn’t it to have a marathon!

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  12. Thanks so much for the review, Craig. It came as a complete surprise. Now that one book is finished, I’m trying to catch up too. Sounds like you’re well on your way.

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