One of those days

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad. At least I was productive.

I took a vacation day today in the hopes of getting stuff done. Spring always makes for a long haul at work, and the flex schedule provides one downside. The regular weekend is bookended by four ten hour days on each side. This was my attempt to force a three day weekend into the middle of all that.

It kind of sounds like whining now that I read it, but those are some long work days if you add in the commute, the 1/2 hour lunch break and whatnot.

My plan was to schedule a couple of the interviews, work up a shtick to keep the line moving, then work on my own fiction. This is usually a good plan, because authors tend to drag their feet.

This week a bunch of people came through at once. In addition, some of them are starting to show concern. I write about this stuff all the time, but most of my guests don’t become regular followers. Some do, and I understand. They need a place to promote and I provide one. I’m happy to do it, and don’t require anything to host them

When you get 50 applicants, someone is going to have to wait. Many times this solves itself, because people drag their feet. First come – first served. Keep in mind there are 52 thursdays in a year.

Today, I had to run down some covers, blurbs and such, but it all worked out. I assembled and scheduled posts for about six hours. I have Lisa Burton Radio scheduled until the middle of May.

I also received three completed data sheets. This means I have three shticks to work up and send out. I am going to do it this weekend if it kills me. I may just have to do it tomorrow.

My wife needed some help with a project and this ate up a bunch of my time. It also meant dealing with the Mac in the other room. For some reason it and I don’t get along. I had to do a bunch of updates before I could even start. iOS with my iPad is my friend. MacOS is not my friend.

I got everything done, and it allowed her to get everything done too. It was a productive day, even if it wasn’t a fun day. Hopefully, I can get those shticks sent out tomorrow. Here’s the trick: they have priority, but after everything gets wound up around here I can’t produce new fiction. Do I dare work on fiction in the early hours, then attack the interviews later?

In more fun news, Otto discovered an old soccer ball in the back yard. It’s been there for a year, but today it’s the toy of the century. Still photos don’t do this justice, but it’s pretty funny.




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33 responses to “One of those days

  1. Those days do come along! ‘You will overcome!’ ♥

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  2. Sounds like progress. Hope the ball keeps rolling.

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  3. Speaking of dragging our feet, I became so fed up with running out of time and writing energy, that I came up with a foolproof system that works well for me. I’m usually up long before everyone else, so this is when I write. At least 1000 words, more if the muse is kind. This way, when I run out of steam later in the day, I’m not the one who suffers!

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  4. I can’t imagine anyone dragging their feet when you offer a promotional opportunity. I think you might have to establish a cut off.

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  5. Maybe if you change your “regular” writing time, you’ll find a new spark. Or it could be an abysmal failure. Could go either way. Here’s hoping things settle down for you soon. And remember, any progress is progress. Take the wins where they come.

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  6. We all find ways to make it work. Keep at it, Craig!

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  7. Well – you must have made 50% of your household happy, helping with your wife’s project and with Otto finding his soulmate toy! 😀 That means you get to start the next day of the long weekend with a big smile 😉

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  8. Sounds like a busy day!! Hopefully it all comes together. You’re lucky you only have one computer you don’t get along with… Technology and I have always had a hate/hate relationship in general. I think it’s my magnetic personality.. Technology can’t deal with it.

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  9. … I probably shouldn’t have written that… Now it knows that I know… Well, if you don’t hear from me in a while you know that I had a 2001 situation and may not have survived….

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  10. you have such amazing photo, speaks by itself,,,,your post has a wonderful meaning!

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  11. I think writers in general try to cram too much in on the weekends. At least for me it’s the time when writing takes precedence, but there are still all the regular household things to get done. Throw in the arrival of spring and there’s a ton of outside work to do too.

    I was up after midnight yesterday putting the finishing touches on the WIP. Today was errands, and tonight is the final-final on the WIP. Tomorrow it’s back to more errands and maybe a few blog posts. We are living a writer’s life 😉

    P.S…Love the Otto footnote.

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    • He was so happy with his soccer ball. I was shocked he could pick it up without puncturing it. He’s got a big mouth though. I worked on nothing but shticks for interviews today. I’ll probably do nothing else tomorrow. It all counts, but isn’t my preference.

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  12. I wanted to get on my laptop yesterday but it needed a scan and iTunes had an update and I was all curse that curse and put it off til just now. I hate the timing on things, often. Not just puter things, pretty much all things. Time. It’s important. At least you got some stuff done.

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  13. Progress is progress regardless of what form it comes in. Love the picture of Otto. He is obviously giving the old soccer ball a good shaking. 🙂

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  14. Like Staci said, ‘Any progress is progress.’ I spent all yesterday afternoon trying to catch up on emails and posts for this week – after 5 hours, felt like I still hadn’t accomplished much.

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  15. Some days you’re the windshield, other days you’re the bug. 🙂 Love the Otto pic!

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