A ghost story, and a bad dog

My mornings are hectic. I have things to do before I head out the door. I bathe, comb my hair, etc. After getting dressed, I have to let the dogs outside, prepare their food, make the coffee, etc. Like most folks out there. In addition, I usually turn on the morning news while I putter about.

To tell this story, I have to give you some idea of the layout of my house. The kitchen is under the upstairs bedrooms. It’s divided off by a breakfast bar from the living space. The rest of the living area is under a vaulted ceiling, with a portion dedicated to a dining area, and the rest being living room. The master bedroom steps right into the space between the dining room table, and the breakfast bar attached to the kitchen. We have some tall stools that are permanently at the bar.

The area between the stools and the dining room table is about five feet wide. It’s just a walking area.

My habit is to take the dogs through this area, open the glass slider and let them out. Then I step into the living area and turn on the news before going about the rest of the stuff. The rest of the stuff is in the kitchen. This means I walk past the bar stools once more.

So I got the dog food measured out and placed. Made coffee, and stuck something by Jimmy Dean in the microwave. I also filled a baggie with some cereal cube things that I took for my lunch break. Then I walked back between the bar stools and the dining room table to let the dogs in. I returned to the kitchen to retrieve Jimmy Dean and eat. I also had to cut and feed my sourdough starter today.

What’s that? About four trips through that five foot area between the bar stools and the dining set?

There were two small bags of King Arthur flour, and my bin was empty. I added one bag to the Tupperware bin, but left the other one in the pantry. (More on this later.)

This whole time, I am looking out over the breakfast bar which abuts the kitchen sink. I used the sink multiple times. I can reach out and touch the bar stools from the sink area.

After the dogs finished eating, I picked up their bowls and headed for my easy chair. This is when I go over email and such, prior to my commute. This meant one more trip through that five foot area between the bar stools and the dining area.

All well and good, bulldogs in my lap, as per usual. Also as per usual, Frankie needed outside a second time. She’s done this since the day she arrived at our house. She needs to go after she eats for some reason.

I got up, tuned around, and headed for the sliding glass door.

One of the bar stools was away from the counter. Directly in front of my bedroom door, between its usual place and the dining set. It was also turned around backwards. I could not have walked past it without hitting it. I nearly couldn’t have come out of the bedroom without moving it. I would have had to walk past it five times without noticing.

My first thought was the dogs. They’re bulldogs, and bash and bluster their way through things… But we have a hard surface floor. It would have made noise. The dogs would have knocked the stool over before they managed to move it three feet and turn it around backwards.

So what happened? I have no idea.


In other news, let’s return to that second bag of flour in the pantry. Frankie has no idea what happened to it this afternoon. (Note the hard surface flooring.)


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37 responses to “A ghost story, and a bad dog

  1. Now, that’s a pure mystery, Craig-buddy! Hope it turns out to be something simple…maybe the dogs DID move that bar stool 3 feet without it toppling over! I’m thinking you’re a pretty good detective and will solve this puzzle… Let us know… All the best! ♥

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  2. Ha ha ha. Frankie. You are the cutest. Way to clean that floor. The barstool? Lisa moved it.

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  3. Ghosts do enjoy moving furniture. Odd that one would show up out of nowhere though.

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  4. Maybe you can moonlight as a paranormal investigator. Frankie can help!

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  5. I’ve had my own experiences with ghosts, lol. Mostly, it involved saying I didn’t believe in them and then having the TV set turn on and off by itself. I don’t say that anymore, as you can imagine. Never had anything else happen though. That chair is mysteries, the flour, easier solved.

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  6. Okay, that’s just plain weird. I think an Idea Mill could be spun from this….seismic vibrations, alternate dimensions, visiting aliens, and of course…ghosts.

    Look at that innocent face on Frankie. Of course she knows nothing about the flour!

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  7. Wow! A true mystery in your own house! Too cool. And, the flour on Frankie’s lips is a dead giveaway. 🙂

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  8. While at least your ghostly tea-leaf (thief) is quite tidy with the spillage… Is that ectoplasm on Frankie’s jowls? 😛

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  9. Frankie’s face – I laughed so hard! You know the possibility of a ghost totally intrigues me.

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  10. Oh, I love a good unexplained story! Interesting about the bar stool. And Frankie’s face? Priceless!

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  11. I’ve experienced many incidents over the years, and will never write about a single one. If I did, people would say I have an ‘overactive imagination.’

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  12. This is the point in the story where you check the nanny-cam, and find out that YOU moved the chair.

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  14. I can see Frankie’s very innocent – just look at that face! I once ‘babysat’ a sour dough starter for the summer. Good grief, it just grew and grew. I had to chop it in half before I fed it!

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    • I usually dump mine almost completely out. The residue in the crock is enough to keep it going. They are all different in their habits though, and other starters might resent this treatment. Frankie is always innocent.


  15. Doni W

    Wow that’s just creepy bro! :/
    LOL the floor in Frankie’s mouth 😛
    The stool turn is indeed mysterious. When that happened, was your dogs acting weird or looking the way where the stool was? Just asking cuz, from what I heard animals can see ghosts as they have this ‘6th sense’ humans do not have. I hope it is not a ghost. Hope it doesn’t happen again!

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