#Bookreview – The Hat by C.S. Boyack

The Hat keeps collecting good reviews. Have you read this one yet? Check out what Robbie had to say about it. While you’re there, she has a fun collection of books herself, and they have recipes to go with the stories.

Robbie's inspiration

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What Amazon says

Lizzie St. Laurent is dealing with many of the struggles of young life. She lost her grandmother, and her living arrangements. Her new roommate abandoned her, and she’s working multiple jobs just to keep her head above water.

She inherits an old hat from her grandmother’s estate, but it belonged to her grandfather. This is no ordinary hat, but a being from an alternate dimension. One with special powers.

Lizzie and the hat don’t exactly hit it off right away, but when her best friend’s newborn is kidnapped by a ring of baby traffickers, Lizzie turns to the hat for help. This leads her deep into her family history and a world she’s never known.

Lizzie gives up everything to rescue the babies. She loses her jobs, and may wind up in jail before it’s over. Along the way, she and the hat may have a new…

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11 responses to “#Bookreview – The Hat by C.S. Boyack

  1. I am SO behind in my reading. The computer crash didn’t help matters. Congrats on the awesome review!!! No better way to start the weekend.

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  2. I am happy to say I read The Hat this week and thoroughly enjoyed it, Craig. Well-written, fast-paced and adventurous, and so very fun, creative, and imaginative. Wearing a hat will never be the same. Congratulations on yet another success. BTW I wrote an Amazon review.

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  3. Another wonderful review for The Hat!

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