Lazy Sunday

Today is the day I call my parents. I set some time aside for that purpose. They’ve been getting a lot of snow in Northern Nevada, and we’ve got the back door open up here. Boise is a nice area, and we get all four seasons. There aren’t any bugs yet either, so it’s been really nice.

I managed a few paragraphs on my story today. That’s it. This one seems to require going back and working through the stuff I recently wrote. Even more-so than other stories I’ve written. I have a lot of fun stuff happening, but there is also a lot of traveling and camping going on. This is difficult to deal with, because every stop deserves some description. I have four characters to deal with, and I need to get some of their personality on the page. This leads to a balancing act between too many evenings in camp, and getting them up to speed with each other. Realistically, these are the hours they have to get acquainted. They are traveling at other times. In two different wagons.

It’s fun stuff and character vs. Too many miles behind a horse and hours beside the campfire.

I’ve introduced all these monsters too, and need to use them to a small degree. That will probably happen on Wednesday. That is my rotating day off in the coming week.

More of my time was dedicated to Lisa burton Radio. I didn’t write any new shticks, and probably should have. There are interviews scheduled for the next three weeks though. I also have a promotional thing all scheduled for myself.

I’d prefer to work on new fiction, but it all counts. I need to gear up and earmark some time to prepare a bunch of blog tour posts, for a different story… I just didn’t.

That was my Sunday. I have to put in a couple of days at the office before I can try it again.


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17 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Sounds like a productive day to me. Nice of you to set time aside to give the rents some pleasure.

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  2. That’s always a rough balance to strike in a first draft. For some reason, I keep thinking of ‘hours behind a horse’ as part of a character’s comedic complaint.

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  3. I gave up worrying about the lack of progress on a Sunday a while ago. Now, I am grateful if I manage to clear my emails and schedule a weeks worth of posts on Buffer!

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  4. I can’t wait to learn more about your story. What you’ve leaked so far is really interesting.

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  5. Monsters? Did someone say monsters?

    Oooh…can’t wait to see what you do with them!

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  6. It all adds up in the end. Lazy Sundays are good for the soul!

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  7. Sounds like you got a decent amount done, even if it wasn’t everything you wanted to. Some stories are like that, and move ahead more slowly. You’ll get it figured out.


  8. This story has caught my attention. I can’t wait to read it. I’m definitely interested in the little monsters.

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    • So glad to hear that. I already have two releases for 2018, so I’m not going to kill myself finishing it. It may come out this year, it may come out next year. I’m trying to enjoy this project and not turn it into a death march.


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