The weekend I expected.

I wanted to get some of the interviews started and out the door. I accomplished that much. I have a couple back that I can schedule, but since this week is already scheduled there is time to get to them. I have more to work on so I can keep the line moving.

We managed a moderate date night, but now I wish we hadn’t. There was an awesome cream stout involved though, and it was worth it.

The dogs got me up early, made even worse with the change to Daylight Savings time. We had a late breakfast, and a late lunch, on the new time schedule. Followed by an early dinner, and I feel bloated. I need to go to bed on the new time, but may need to let my stomach settle first.

I covered the bills this afternoon, but that’s about all. We have enough money for gasoline and beans for the nest two weeks if everything works out. How often does it actually work out around here? Kind of wish we’d skipped out on date night now. Except for that one beer.

This seems to be the new normal for us.

There really isn’t a lot of other news. I wrote interview stuff most of the weekend. It is my short weekend, so that will have to do. Back to the grind tomorrow, and 4:00 is going to come really early for a couple of days.

Hope those of you who deal with the time change adjust quickly. I usually do, and I appreciate the extra daylight once I get off work.


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35 responses to “The weekend I expected.

  1. Sorry the weekend didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. Seems to be the norm today due to the time change.

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  2. well – there are some weekends will go to different direction – hope for better week!!

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  3. It takes me about four/five days, then I’m good to go.

    Sorry to hear about your date night. May the next one knock your socks off. 😀

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  4. We don’t change our clocks until the 25th, but I wish they wouldn’t. It takes so long to adapt to it and for what? A few weeks of lighter mornings isn’t really worth the bother…

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  5. I didn’t really sleep much Saturday night, got ready for church around 5:30 Sunday morning, and I’m back on track now. All in all, a rather smooth adjustment. Hope things go smoothly this week for you.

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  6. I thought I’d adjusted to the time change pretty well until the alarm went off this morning. Ugh! I guess it’s going to take longer than I thought. At least we have all that nice sunshine in the evenings.

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  7. Sometimes our date night turns out to be nothing more than a sneaky trip to Dairy Queen for soft serve. (Something neither of us is supposed to have.) It’s all good tho.

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  8. I’m sorry your weekend didn’t go as you’d hoped it would.

    I often have that issue where, no matter how hard you try to be careful, funds don’t stretch as much as you’d like them to. Try not to feel guilty for the date night. You can’t totally go without.

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  9. We usually adjust fairly quickly around here, but this winter seems never-ending. 14+ more of snow expected tomorrow. Ugh!

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  10. Getting up in pitch black is a bear. Have to use a flashlight when I let the pups out. Not sure it is worth the extra light at night. Time will tell.

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  11. I agree that this time change takes some getting used to. It’s definitely pitch dark at 4 am. I look forward to the new Lisa Burton interviews. They are always entertaining.

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  12. I’m almost back to normal – slept through the night for the first time in days last night.

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  13. All four of us are terrible sleepy all week. My body knows it’s 6 and not 7 and I have the darndest time getting out of bed. I do not like it. The cats aren’t real keen on it, either. I guess the dog can’t tell. The boy one says he’s fine, but he works all shifts and has erratic sleep patterns anyway. We’re all glad we’re not him. One day, we’ll get used to it. Ugh.
    I’m glad y’all have enough for beans. I’ve had a lot of normals like that, sadly. This one will pass too. Hang in there.

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