A small list, with lots of hours ahead

My flex schedule leaves me with a two day weekend. I won’t get a flex day again until next Friday. This is the worst part of the schedule, and the 10 hour days kind of suck at this point. Then I’ll get a couple of three day weekends. To make the suckage worse, North America changes to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. That means I get to wake up an hour earlier for the next seven months or so.

The adjustment isn’t that hard, and I kind of like getting that extra hour of daylight when I get home. I’m also not looking for sympathy. I started with that to give you the idea that my available time is limited this weekend.

I have to get my truck serviced tomorrow afternoon. That blows a small hole in plans too, but they have a nice business center and I might be able to do some projects while I wait. We also want to squeeze date night in at some point.

Fewer plans are the way to go on weekends like this. I only have one, and anything else is gravy. It all involves blogging.

I have two guest posts I agreed to host next week, and I need to assemble and schedule those. I also have a habit of sending out an advance link, but that only takes an extra minute or two.

There are two or three folks who have returned the questionnaire for Lisa Burton Radio. I need to work up as many of those shticks as possible this weekend. If I can do that, and get them sent back, I’ll consider this weekend a success.

That’s it. Might not sound like much, but it does take some time and a bit of creative energy.

Should I get lucky, I might take a glance at my work-in-progress. It might not involve any more than moving the plants I’ve already made around, oh and maybe changing a character’s name. I don’t like my villain’s name and may try again. That will mean a long search to make sure I fix it everywhere.

For the rest of this evening, I’m enjoying the company of my old friend George Dickel.


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34 responses to “A small list, with lots of hours ahead

  1. Good luck with the weekend. Didn’t realize it was clock changing time. Why do we still this?

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  2. Have fun this weekend!

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  3. Have fun with George. Sounds like a packed weekend. I invited the Willett’s over for the weekend.

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  4. I find having shorter goal lists makes achieving them all more likely. Hope the same holds true for you.

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  5. I’m not a fan of the changing times. I think Arizona has the right idea. They just simply don’t do it. 🙂 Sounds like great weekend plans. Enjoy Sir George!

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  6. You are busy. I hope you and George had a nice visit!

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  7. Daylight Savings Time crushes the soul, lol. I do like the extra daylight in summer though.

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  8. It is tough for those of us that write, blog and work full time, Craig. Your schedule sounds like mine is currently. 10 hour days and often parts of weekends and holidays. Never mind, it pays the bills and everything ends and improves eventually.

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  9. I don’t mind one ten-hour day a week, in fact, I like to get so much done. BUT I don’t like fifty-plus-hour weeks at all, especially not on salary…
    I’m impressed you’d get work done in a car center. I can’t write in public. I can jot down a line or two, but I can’t relax enough to think beyond that.

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  10. Normally the time change doesn’t bother me and I’m not a napper, but I feel like I could keel over today. Hope you’re handling it better!

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  11. I hate it when a character’s name doesn’t sit right. It’s like I can’t keep writing until I find the perfect fit. Sometimes they tell me, sometimes they don’t. I was halfway through Cusp of Night, unable to feel a connection with my MC until I realized her name was wrong. Once I changed it–bingo!

    P.S. The time change will take several days to catch up to me, but I’ll feel it eventually. The pay off is all the beautiful sunshine in the evenings!

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  13. I’m always behind. I need a clock to stop time. I hope you got everything done that you wanted to.

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    • Not too bad. I may start this weekend with a task list though. There are a lot of small unrelated projects to deal with. Guest promos, my own promo, LBR interviews, etc. Then there is my own WIP…


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