I’ll take it…

Old What’s Her Face kind of ate up any opportunities I might have had on Saturday. We still managed a nice date night, and I got one of the Lisa Burton interviews all scheduled. Most of Sunday was spent responding to interview requests. There are so many questionnaires out in cyberspace now that some of them have to produce a post. Thanks for all the reblogging everyone.

Yesterday morning, Tituba the sourdough told me she was ready to go to work. I built a standard, no recipe, dough. Water and flour to make a batter, palm full of salt, glurg of olive oil, about half a spoonful of starter, add flour until it looks like bread dough.

Sourdough is a symbiotic organism. The wild yeast raises the dough like you might expect, but it’s the bacteria that gives it that sour flavor. To make it come out right you want a long slow rise. Their symbiosis works like this: Yeast produces alcohol which bacteria loves. In return, bacteria protects yeast from mold.

Last night it was raised, but looking a bit blah. This morning it was blowing the lid off my bowl. I punched it down, formed a loaf and cleaned up the small Dutch oven I use for bread. Start rising all over again and turn my attention to other matters.

There are still some interview requests trickling in, and it’s to a point where I can let them stack up. I’ll get to everyone today, but I needed some quality time with my work in progress.

I have all four characters on the page now. Addressed some women’s issues from a historical (Or not so historical) perspective. This was mostly stage setting. She’ll round out her story later on after she gets comfortable with the other characters. My characters blew up a building, stole some gold, and one is carving a turnip/yam kind of thing for some reason. The main guy has made some heavy remarks about his father, which sets up something nice down the road.

I didn’t do a word count, but I’m finally over five-digits. That’s got to be pretty close to 4000 words one way or another. I could do more, but don’t want to get rummy over it.

My Apple Pencil needed a recharge, then I used it to make an updated blog banner. I think it needs to be a bit more Spring-like before I trot it out, so the snow sculpture remains for now.

I should still schedule my free days for Enhanced League, but the primo time for this title is the end of the month. That means I can put it off for another week, and I will.

Since everything is ready, I assembled and scheduled another LBR interview. That means I’m two weeks ahead, yay.

Tituba needed cut and fed so she’s happy to work again when I need her. This bread is nothing fancy. No free standing loaves, no French bread, just a nice Dutch oven variety. This is what I get with my leftover stew tonight.

Maybe I’ll turn my attention to some lightbulbs that need replacing. Then I can work up a shtick for an interview that’s already returned the questionnaire. It may have been a slack weekend, but today was pretty productive.


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44 responses to “I’ll take it…

  1. Yum! Can almost smell the freshness and taste the wonderful chewy greatness! ♥

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  2. Looks yummy. I with the bacteria on the alcohol front. So, is the bacteria already in the yeast or do you have to add it?

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  3. Wow. That bread looks terrific.

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  4. mmmmm….I love Sourdough. I really do need to take the time to make some of my own… ah, time. You cruel mistress. Lol!

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  5. I did like the title of this post, then the photo you did share just open my aptitude… great post!!!

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  6. Looks delicious! Glad you made progress on the story front as well!

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  7. Mmmmm home-baked bread! 😀 I can smell it from here.

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  8. Mmm… Homemade bread!

    I’m glad you had such a great response to the request for guests on Lisa’s show, and that it was such a productive day for you in general.

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  9. Now that loaf is what I call a rewarding days work. Looks divine!

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  10. Yay! The bread looks so yummy! You know, in all the years I’ve been baking, I’ve never tried bread in a Dutch oven. Loaf pans and freeform, but never like that. Now I’m getting ideas…

    Glad you had a productive writing day, despite the other interruptions. It’s always satisfying to break to a new range (5 digits). I’m intrigued about the yam carving. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

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  11. There’s only one recipe with yeast that has ever worked for me (flat breads put on the grill), so I admire your talent, Craig – it looks wonderful!

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  12. That bread looks delicious. I’ve often told my husband if I had to give up bread or chocolate, chocolate would get the boot without hesitation. There is nothing better than a piece of good, hearty, flaky bread. Yum!

    Congrats on the story progress. It sounds like this one is going to be entertaining!

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  13. Pardon me, but who the hell needs their bread to be fancy?!? NOT ME! 😛 Looks great!
    I love the idea that one character has to get comfortable with the others.

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