My Castaway Journal #3

I sent Old What’s Her Face a message that I was leaving early. A storm was scheduled to hit Idaho in the afternoon, and I wanted to beat the front coming in. She answered with a photo and said Frankie loves playing in the snow.

I have to admit her face looks a little insane in this image. Otto, in his typical fashion, is just happy all the time. The snow also served as a warning that my drive would be an adventure.

The natives filled me with sausages and eggs before it was time to leave. Then I filled my travel mug with coffee, and my truck with gasoline before hitting the road.

Very few cars were out, and Sundays aren’t usually like that. The roads were a sheet of decaying ice along the first third of the drive. Not too bad when they received a good angle from the sun, worse if not. Owyhee canyon was solid ice.

After I got through the Indian reservation, I started climbing. This section was drifting snow almost all the way to Mountain Home. After that, the roads were clear and the speed limit is 80 on the freeway.

My average speed for over a hundred miles today was 45. I cranked up the tunes on my phone, and may have found a couple that would work for Lizzie and the hat to play in a subsequent story. I have some new parameters that I’m not ready to go into yet, and it makes choosing a little tougher. I may not start writing this one until next year.

The WiFi at home is a welcome thing. I’m not going to get anything else accomplished, even though I could hit it hard and maybe get one project out the door. Right now, I kind of want to kick back and do nothing.


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21 responses to “My Castaway Journal #3

  1. Kicking back and doing nothing is exactly what I’d do after that drive. I’m glad you made it home safely and it’s a joy to see the doggos in the snow. Old What’s Her Face sent a good one!

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  2. I always hated to drive on ice. Did it thousands of times but still had a crick in my neck when I got to where I was going. The kick-back advice is solid.

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  3. do it in a U-Haul and today would seem a paradise.

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  4. Glad you made it safely back to civilization. 😉

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  5. Otto and Frankie were the ‘icing’ on the cake! Sorry about that, but glad you made it home, safe and sound!

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  6. Kicking Back is what I do best, Craig…enjoy some ‘layback’! ♥

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  7. Glad to hear you made it back safely. Hope you got some rest. I have a feeling the doglings made it difficult for you. (Picturing lots of playing and snuggling.)

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  8. Glad to hear you made it home safely. I’m sure you got a warm welcome and an enthusiastic tackle from Otto and Frankie. I’m sure they’re ready to camp out the couch with you and will be glued to your side.

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  9. These posts from the ‘natives’ territory gave me some laughs! Glad you made it home safely, Craig.

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