Being a good spouse

I planned on writing some new fiction today, but it didn’t quite work out the way we planned. The new range was scheduled to arrive today, and my wife had an appointment for an alignment and service on her car.

The original plan was to have me wait for Sears, and keep an eye on the dogs. She would take the car and go shopping on the way home. Somewhere in the middle of coffee she said she was cancelling her car appointment, because the area behind the old range was dirty.

I suggested that if that was a big deal we could simply trade tasks. I would slide the old range out and she could have things ready before Sears even got here.

When I got to the dealership, they said to expect a four and a half hour wait. They also said the diagnostic on a Bluetooth problem she was having would be $199, and it might not solve anything. I called my wife, and we’re going to try a couple of things on our own. At minimum, we can completely disconnect her phone, then re-acquaint it with her car. That might fix things.

I fooled everyone though. Peterson Motors has a small business section with wifi and places to plug in electronics. I brought my iPad with me and set up shop. Without the Bluetooth issue, the appointment only took two hours.

I managed about 1200 new words. That isn’t great, but considering the environment, I’m pretty happy about it.

The big bad revealed himself. The love interest is a captive, and the boys are forced into doing something evil to prevent further evil being done upon her person. I’m anxious to get through this section and start generally making a big mess of things and wreaking havoc. I might even get to kill some characters before the weekend ends.

It wasn’t a perfect day, but I salvaged it in pretty acceptable fashion.

Tonight we decided to christen our new range by…

…wait for it…

Ordering Tai takeout food.

Two more days off. I have at least one post to assemble and schedule, but I expect more fiction to happen too. I’ll have the place to myself on President’s Day.


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29 responses to “Being a good spouse

  1. That’s my kind of christening! 😀

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  2. Well, you got in more words than I did today. For us, it was a movie and a combination late lunch / early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The good news? Came up with a post idea for Story Empire. 🙂

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  3. I really shouldn’t have been drinking when I got to that ‘christening’ part. Anybody got some paper towels? Smart move setting up shop there. I did that in a doctor’s waiting room once to do editing and it was rather awkward, but I made progress. Authors gotta work with what they’re given at times. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  4. I half expected the takeout comment, but still laughed anyway. Sounds like something we’d do.

    Glad you were able to get some work done while waiting for the car to be ready. You’ve gotta grab those free moments whenever and wherever you can.

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  5. When we had our new cooker installed a few years ago now, I didn’t want to use it at first either, didn’t want to make it dirty!

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  6. I often work in the doctor’s offices. I only have six so every moment is valuable. Plus, I really don’t care if they keep me waiting.

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  7. I thought I’d have a productive Saturday. Instead, the daughter called (talked for more than 2 hours). Mom called at least 4 times. My son was chatty (which almost never happens). And hubby, who is away for work, called 3 times (that’s unheard of). My sister called, too. Work just wasn’t in the cards. I still managed 2 blog posts and a short story, but that was nowhere near what I’d hoped to accomplish.

    Wish I was getting a new stove. I hate mine. Aside from the Thai food, I hope you like the new appliance. (Still waiting for sourdough bread pics. And the recipe. Just sayin’…)

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  8. The range / Thai food thing makes sense to me. You know what I love to do? Go to the grocery and bring home takeout. It makes no sense, lol. I swear, we spent every Friday night of the 2000s putting away groceries and sitting down to takeout! 😀
    Glad you got some writing done!

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  9. I spent six hours working on the WIP today and only managed a single scene. The rest was reworking old threads.

    It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with the new story. I like “the big bad.” 🙂 I’m also jealous you have Thai takeout.

    Enjoy the christening the new stove when it’s time. I think the first dinner in ours was this past Thanksgiving.

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  10. I almost heard an evil laugh when you wrote, ” I might even get to kill some characters before the weekend ends.” 🙂 Way to go on the word count and hope the shiny new range is in its place ready to do its job!

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