A small miracle

Here is some great news on the Frankie front. Weeks ago, a piece of a toy went unaccounted for. She was chewing on it when I spotted the rubber arm of this squeaky toy missing. My wife and I looked everywhere for the missing piece, and decided she had to have swallowed it.

She vomited in the middle of the night about two weeks later, and aspirated some of it. Bulldogs are notorious for breathing issues, and this is about par for the course. She wound up with pneumonia from this and was really sick for a day or two before the meds kicked in. I mean middle of the night emergency vet sick.

Two rounds of X-rays, plus an ultrasound later, and there was no sign of this missing chunk of rubber. We knew rubber wasn’t likely to appear on an X-ray or an ultrasound, but the vet said other things like blockages and stomach lesions would show up. Nothing did.

Earlier this week, a big chunk of pink rubber appeared in our back yard. The culprit was Otto, and it passed through. I was not convinced, because the chunk wasn’t big enough.

Otto is huge, 65 pounds. Frankie is pretty tiny. She weighs in at 35 pounds, but bulldogs are so dense that it equates to about the size of a Scottie. (She was the runt of her litter.)

Last night I woke up to the sound of a dog horking on the floor again. I jumped right up, because she had that emergency trip recently. This time, I found more than froth to clean up.

The squeaky toy was some kind of monster, with rubber arms that ended in crab claws. That’s my key ring for perspective. I can’t believe she swallowed the damned thing in the first place, and it’s a miracle that it ever came back up. It would have had to line up perfectly just to fit back in her throat. If it had started out the other end, it could have killed her.

Surgery to remove a swallowed item starts at about $1500, but bulldogs need special intubation to make sure they keep breathing. We may have dodged that bullet.

Oddly enough, she had no other symptoms. I’m sure the aspiration pneumonia is related, but she’s been eating like a little horse, playing hard, and going potty regularly.

Now all we have to do is worry about the next damned thing. She and Otto chewed up the backing underneath one of our rugs yesterday. Underneath.

Our daughter swears she picked up handfuls of the stuff, and doesn’t think they ate any of it. This is all Frankie’s doing, no doubt. She’s psycho, but Otto will play her games if they look fun. I swear I need to start tranquilizing them when they’re out of my sight.

But we love you, Dad.

Note: I wrote this about 2:00 this morning, because up is up at that time. I scheduled it for tonight so Joan got to be the spotlight post of the day. If you missed Lisa’s show, check it out by rolling down the page to the previous post.


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53 responses to “A small miracle

  1. As Lucy continues to improve slowly I can tell you these guys are a worry. This is really good news and I’m so pleased for you and Frankie.

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  2. I am so very happy at the OUTcome πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh wow, that’s one for the veterinarian journals. Yikes. So happy to hear she got it out. I bet she’s feeling better about it too!

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  4. Great news. Except for the furniture. What type of wine goes with that?

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  5. Look at that face … butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. πŸ˜€ … this is excellent news, albeit vomitorious and messy. πŸ™‚

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  6. Oh my goodness, your pets are very naughty, Craig. Cats don’t do that sort of thing. They scratch your best furniture and invite their male friends in to wee everywhere [giggle]

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  7. You nearly gave me a heart attack, Craig. I thought Frankie had swallowed your keys too! Seriously, so glad you got the offending object back !

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  8. Feed that dog and maybe she won’t eat plastic! (Just kidding!) One of my cats eats toilet paper. Thankful not very much, just grabs some first thing in the morning. Glad see is improving.

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  9. Too early for me to type complete sentences. I’m glad she is improving!

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  10. That’s fantastic news about the piece of toy!

    I swear all puppies born in 2017 are psycho dogs! Our Westie, Lilie, is just a little younger than Frankie, and she’s just as mental, and just as likely to attempt to eat anything and everything that isn’t nailed down (and even if it is she might try). She also races around for no apparent reason other than because she can, jumping on and off things , crashing in to things, etc, without a care in the world. I honestly don’t know how she’s avoided serious injury at this point. I swear she causes more chaos by herself than we had when we had two four month old Yorkies and an 18 month old Westie at the same time several years ago. Also, my Mam has a Labrador x Retriever who’s a couple of months younger, and she’s just as mental. Like I said, I swear the 2017 puppies are psycho.

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  11. I have Labs, not Bulldogs, but they must have the same inquisitive nature and the same insatiable desire to ingest anything in sight. Casey has had at least two intestinal blockages (that were vet-diagnosed): flocking from a toy bone that was the texture of a tennis ball and a mango pit. The bone went from completely covered to half bare in literally a second. There was no stopping him swallowing that. The mango pit was from him jumping up to the counter and eating it out of the bowl. (Fruit is now exclusively kept in the refrigerator or on the bar, out of his reach.) Our kitchen table (the base) was a chew toy when he was younger. (Max liked it, too.) Lately Casey has been eating dead grass/weeds in the yard and tossing them up in the middle of the night (how fun). Can’t say they ever ate my rug pad, though. You got me there.

    Doggies. Gotta love them, but… wow.

    So glad Frankie is doing better. (When I saw the picture with the keys, I panicked for a second, then I saw that was for size-reference. Phew!)

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  12. What a relief, Craig! But are you sure they chewed on the rug backing? Those faces look pretty innocent to me. Cats have been known to frame dogs. Just sayin’.

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  13. Great news! How could you ever get mad at that sweet face?

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  14. Wow! What an amazing story, Craig. It is a miracle that she managed to pass the toy.

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  15. What a relief to know Frankie will be okay.

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  16. Whew! So glad everything worked out okay. Very scary looking at the size of that toy. It’s interesting that she’s the tiny one but also the one who leads Otto into trouble if it looks interesting enough. Just like a female πŸ˜‰

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  17. Phew! That’s a relief – thank goodness it didn’t get into the ‘plumbing’! πŸ˜€
    And, yeah… she’s still a goof-ball pup. Even if the psycho tag sticks, there’ll be a certain amount of settling once her teen hormones calm down! πŸ˜‰

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  18. Oh doggies! That must have been SUCH a relief – glad it came out the way it went in, rather than the other way. Our spaniel ate a big lump of putty once and had to spend the night at the vets – luckily he managed to ‘pass’ it, otherwise it would have been surgery for him.

    Let’s hope your pup settles down soon! πŸ™‚

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  19. Back in a past life, I was owned by a pair of Boxers. I’d named them ‘Butch & Sundance” I adored those guys but El-Destructo Incorporated swallowed anything and everything, except for the Chihuahua. I’m so pleased that this ended well for you and the guys, Craig. 😊

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  20. Dear me. Small miracles, indeed πŸ˜€

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  21. So happy for you and your wife, Craig!

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  22. Glad to hear the rubber arm/claw came out by itself!

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