A blogging kind of day

I didn’t set any gigantic goal for this weekend. Life has been throwing me curves lately, and plans seemed like a bad idea.

Today was a day to pick something up, finish it, and move to the next project. With that in mind, Lisa Burton Radio is assembled and scheduled for Thursday, and so is the following Thursday. This actually feels kind of good to get ahead a tiny bit. I used to track every questionnaire I sent out, and do appropriate follow up, but I stopped doing that this year. People seem to be benefitting from the interview slot, but they need to have some skin in the game too. There are probably ten or more questionnaires out, but it’s up to them to respond and get back with me. Makes my part of the process less stressful, and that’s a good thing. I’ll be here for you from now on, but I’m not twisting arms to fill the interview slots.

I also spent some time writing, assembling, and scheduling my next post over at Story Empire. It’s up on Wednesday, and I hope it comes across well.

Oh yeah, there is this post too.

Life continues to throw us curves. The range decided to go out, including the oven portion. We’ve been doing without it for a couple of weeks now. Between the barbecue and the microwave, we’ve survived. Now that Frankie seems like her old self, today was time to address our appliance problem.

The old range was original to the house, so seventeen years old. In this day and age, that’s a good run.

The debate of the day was whether to pay for the range or finance it. Holding back a tiny bit of cash seems like a good idea in light of current events. Free delivery swayed us to use our Sears credit card. In event of another emergency, we have a few bucks available, and can make minimum payments if we have to. If everything evens out, I’ll probably take two months to pay it off. That way we get a couple of paydays in there and don’t strap ourselves.

Delivery will happen next weekend. At that time, I’ll probably wake up Tituba, my sourdough starter and christen the new oven the right way.

To her credit, Old What’s Her Face chose a very reasonable range. There was a time when both of us did a lot of cooking. As the kids have moved out, the appeal of a Wolfe gas range isn’t there any more. We wound up with a decent Kenmore electric that matches all the rest of the appliances. Honestly, I’ve always had good luck with Kenmore stuff.

After signing the papers, we walked over to Old Chicago for pizza and beer. We called it an early night, because my wife has to work this weekend. A few Winter Olympics and I’ll figure out what tomorrow has in store. I might even add some new words to my work in progress. Maybe I’ll paste together a new background for Lisa’s Facebook page. I have some new images that might be fun to use as Polaroids on her table.

The dogs are getting some ball time right now. All posts are more popular with a picture, so here’s Otto being a crazy man with his oversized tennis ball.


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35 responses to “A blogging kind of day

  1. Glad to hear things are looking better! Have a good rest of your weekend!

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  2. So glad Frankie is back to her old self! I was worried. Hope you like the new appliance. Waiting for sourdough bread pictures…

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  3. Good to hear Frankie is doing better. Sorry about the range though. We just had part of a shower and the ice maker die, but those don’t compare. Hope things start taking an upswing for you.

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  4. So glad to know Frankie is better. I was concerned about her. I had a Kenmore range for over twenty years. Can’t complain. Hoping my GE lasts half that time! And yes, I’m looking forward to sourdough pics. And if you wanted to send some to Texas… 🙂

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    • Funny story. Rachel Carerra was one of my first blogging friends. She has some serious medical issues and had to step back. She was also a talented Photoshop person. She made two of my book covers, and charged me a loaf of sourdough for my first Experimental Notebook. It’s a price I gladly paid.

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  5. Glad to hear that life is returning to what passes for normal in your neck of the woods!

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  6. I’m glad Frankie is back to her old self again.

    Sorry about the range, but glad you were able to sort out a new one to come soon, and in a way you can afford it without stretching funds too much.

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  7. It’s gooood to be positive, even with nasty surprises. Appliances have such an unpredictable lifespan – I’ve replaced all my kitchen appliances this year as well! The oldest was well over 20 years old and were performing like it (my washing machine especially!). So, replacement was well overdue for some and the new appliances are doing good to brilliant, so I’m sure your new range will seem superb, once you take the plunge! 😀

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  8. Ah, yes, life is full of curves, twists, and turns. Sounds like you’re handling them quite well. Enjoy the new oven!

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  9. Last year it was the washer and the fridge. The year before, it was the range and the dishwasher. All were original to the house when I built it in ’04. Before something else implodes, maybe I’ll just sell out, move away and start over again.

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  10. Great to see Otto, he’s gotten really big. And that tennis ball seems to have grown a lot too. Cheers, Craig.

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  11. Glad Frankie is doing better! We seem to have more luck with Kenmore appliances also.

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  12. Glad your pup doesn’t need any more medical intervention!

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