My new pillow

You get a little bit of everything when you visit Entertaining Stories folks. Tonight, I want to talk about pillows.

Guys never really worry about stuff like this. It’s wives that are the catalyst for change over such things. New sheets, towels, that kind of thing. In early Fall, Old What’s Her Face said we needed new pillows. I think I may have answered something like, “Uh- huh.”

I’ve used the same old pillow for years and years, and had no problem with it. One day she met me at the door and said, “Our new My-Pillows are here.” You know the ones they advertise on TV and radio with those annoying ads. I think I said something insightful like, “Cool.”

We both commented about how awesome they were. Truth is we both hated them. I caved first and told her I hated my new pillow and asked where my old one was. She breathed a sigh of relief and admitted she hated hers too. These things are overstuffed, smothering, heat retaining, torture devices.

I happily went back to my old pillow. Then fate struck me a cruel blow. See, the dogs like to play on the bed. They’re fun, they bounce around and act all crazy. For some reason (I wasn’t home at the time) my pillow didn’t have a pillow case. Frankie had been outside and didn’t properly clean herself. I wound up with a large fecal stain on my pillow; the one without a pillow case. After playing Taps over the garbage can, I sadly returned to My-Pillow.

Really sorry, Dad.

It took me one night to realize this was never going to work. Somewhere about this time, I started sleeping in a chair because I hurt my back. This means it had to have been about early December. When I finally returned to our bed, I grabbed an ancient throw-pillow and used it. It was so much better than My-Pillow. It was old enough that I could fold it and sleep on my side, or use it as-is to sleep on my back.

Still, this isn’t a long term solution, and I needed a new pillow. About twenty years ago I heard of this odd pillow that always intrigued me. Lo and behold, they were still around on Amazon. I showed my wife and she secretly bought me one. I am the proud owner of a new buckwheat hull filled pillow.

Unfortunately, she measured and ordered one that is too small for our king-sized bed. The pillow is about the size of a big computer screen. Not to be deterred, I had a new pillow and needed to try it out. It’s still bigger than the throw pillow I’d been using.

I love the damned thing.

First, they shipped it with extra hulls in case I need to add more. It comes with a zipper that is well hidden and I can remove hulls too if I want. I haven’t done anything drastic, but I may remove a cup or two. My-Pillow should have thought of that. I would have gutted it like a fish and tried it again.

This thing shapes to my head, then stays there. I can punch it up or spread it thinner depending on what I want. This is a big plus because I sleep on my side and my back. Here is another fun thing. I may be unique here, but I’ll admit it anyway. Sometimes I wake up with a pain in my ear from sleeping on it. It folds or crushes, etc. Like I said, I could be unique. The buckwheat hull pillow takes one more small dent with a finger and leaves a place for my ear. It’s awesome, I’m telling you.

Finally, this thing stays cool all night. I hate hot pillows, and the promos say it’s because air can circulate around the hulls during the night. Whatever the reason is, I’ll take it.

I’m still in the test drive phase, but one week in this is looking like a winner to me. I’ll give it more time before deciding if I’ll remove some of the hulls.

It’s kind of like a sandbag, but buckwheat hulls are larger than grains of sand and lighter too. You can bet it’s in a frigging pillow case now too.


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41 responses to “My new pillow

  1. Thanks for this because I’d been eyeing that My Pillow. Don’t get me wrong, my bamboo pillow is great since it stays cool like the one you described. Only problem is the thing flattens under my head after a few nights and I have to flip it to the bigger side. Have fun sleeping.

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  2. Lol! I HATE shopping for a new pillow. I went on a search last year. I bought $80 pillows. I bought $20 pillows. I bought everything in between and wound up taking them all back. I settled on one from Walmart, but it isn’t making me happy either. Sigh…Glad yours worked out.

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  3. So all that hoopla about nothing, eh?

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  4. I hate shopping for pillows. You never know until you try them out in bed if they’re going to be good pillows.

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  5. Oh how I can relate! we have had every kind of pillow to no avail and I always go back to my ancient feather pillow. (which I shouldn’t be using because I am asthmatic!) I am definitely going to get one of these!
    Thanks for telling us about it!

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  6. My husband and I are also owners of My-Pillows. And we are passionate HATERS of them. I get headaches every time I try to use it. I’ve been considering the buckwheat hull pillows because of the coolness factor, but I was afraid they’d collapse or feel like rocks. Now, thanks to your post, I think I might order them.

    Sorry about your pillow problems.

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  7. I was suckered into the bamboo pillows at the mall in panamá. I cant resist Venezuelan girls. Yes I got the body pillow and the snore memory pillow. Well the body pillow became an acoustic sound barrier between the wife (also Vz thank you) and my freight train snore.
    Pillows are a racket. Im not a fan of down or acupuncture.

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  8. You’ve got me curious now. I’m always on the lookout for a better pillow than the one I have. Do the hulls make any noise when you turn your head?

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  9. I’ve had a herniated disc in my neck since the late 90s. When it flares up, it’s dreadful. As a result, I tend to stick with orthopedic pillows, but I’ve bought a slew of others, including My Pillow, pricey ones I paid over $100 for, and inexpensive ones that cost under $20. Last year, when my old ortho pillow bit the dust ,I went on an exhaustive search, reading detailed reviews, and finally ended up with a pillow I found on Amazon. It is an ortho pillow with a large roll at one end and a smaller roll on the other. Best pillow I’ve ever owned! Price wise it fell somewhere middle of the road. I was so excited, I ordered my husband one. He hated it. He ended up with My Pillow and loves it. Weird, how people have different reactions, but getting a good night’s sleep is what it’s all about. I’m glad you found one that suits you.

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  10. Now what you need is a nice silk pillowcase. It will keep your hair from getting matted and your skin from getting wrinkles.

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  11. Don’t know whether this’ll reassure you, but you’re not unique! 😛 Ever since I’ve started to watch TV in bed, next door to the en-suite bathroom (in case I need to use the facilities in a hurry!) my right ear has been aching and had dry skin, ‘cos that’s the side I watch the telly on and also read my Kindle.
    My left ear also aches in roughly in the same place, when I can’t stand the pain on my right side, so it’s obviously a pressure point issue… Downside for me is that I need hypoallergenic pillows, but I’m sure they come in ‘kit form’ as well so it looks like I’ll be on a pillow hunt as well! 😉

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  12. My mom raves about her My Pillow, but hasn’t convinced me to try it. I’m partial to my own. Have never heard of a buckwheat hull pillow, but like the idea of it staying cool.

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  13. In appreciation of your blog I am nominating you for a Liebster award.

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  14. Hahaha! “I would have gutted it like a fish and tried it again.”
    I loved this post, obvs!
    Seriously, this chit is important! I’m a down-only kinda gal and don’t even get me started on pillowcases.
    It took me 18 years to get The Mister to admit that pillows are really important. He was ALWAYS taking mine when I wasn’t around. Now has his own. He’d notice if he didn’t, either. Hates the cost, can’t deny the pleasure. The down pillows last forever, (12 years, my last — now it’s the ‘sick pillow’.) Your hulls may last a long, long time, too.

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  15. bubbleloveonbreak

    You know, I think I know exactly what you’re talking about. My husband and I also ordered the chunky type of new pillow that’s supposed to be made of this magic foam or something and it is supposed to conform to your head and be perfect…if only our heads were around 50lbs lighter, that is! Hahaha. Like you said, the pillow is way too hot and way too big…We’ve never really pulled them out of the closet again except for pregnancy….it’s really useful to mold around a pregnant woman when she needs that extra support 😉 You’re wife may find a use for them in the end. Don’t be hard on her…we women sometimes like to get inspired by little silly things like pillows.

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