A new #romance #thriller series

Staci Troilo is here today to introduce her new series to everyone. Staci is a dear friend, a great colleague, and one hell of a writer. You guys make her feel welcome.


Thanks for inviting me here today, Craig. I appreciate having a chance to talk to your readers about my new novel. Hi, everybody!

Expanded Excerpt:

“What the hell are you playing at?”

“Me?” She recoiled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean these games. Hot then cold then hot again. Mad at me one minute, interested the next. You kept me up all night, and I want to know why.”

She jumped to her feet. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about kissing then running. I’m talking about the fake-sleep seduction routine. I thought it might be to avoid talking to me, but I wasn’t asking you questions last night. So tell me…” He stalked toward her, but she stood her ground. Stood toe-to-toe with her, but she didn’t budge. Peered down at her, and she merely leaned back and met his gaze. “I want answers. Today. About last night. About everything.”

“Last night was what it was. I wanted—” She wanted him. But the words wouldn’t come. “I wanted comfort. But I guess that was too much to ask.”

“And the rest?”

“The rest of what?”

“Your job. Charlie. Why someone would target Tasha to get to you.”

Her stomach lurched at the mention of her best friend. “I don’t know!”

“You have to know!” He took a deep breath. When he finally spoke, his tone was softer. “Brae, people don’t get chased and shot at for no reason. Nor do their homes get trashed for fun and their best friends get run off the road on a whim. You’ve crossed the wrong person, and I need to know who. I need to know what you did. Did you steal something from someone? Learn something you shouldn’t have? Sell secrets to the wrong people?”

“Who the hell do you think I am? Mata Hari? I work at a think tank. I work crazy long hours in hermetically-sealed rooms with very few people. I have virtually no social life and definitely no clandestine one.” Her chest rose and fell with her rapid breaths, and her pulse raced.

Danny stood close enough to study her face, to look for any signs she was lying. His expression hardened.

Guess he found one.

“What do you need a hermetically-sealed room for at a think tank?”

She blinked. No good answer came to her, so she said nothing.

“What are you working on in your lab?”

Braelyn let out a low, slow breath—a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “That’s… classified.”



Some passwords protect more than just secrets.

Danny Caruso was glad to be back in the United States, back to his regular job. Back to his comfortable routine of all work and no play. But when his friend Mac asks a favor of him, he can’t refuse. He owes the guy everything. So he accepts the job, even though it means a twenty-four/seven protection detail guarding a particularly exacerbating—and beautiful—woman.

Braelyn Edwards is careful to stay out of the spotlight, preferring to hide in the background and skip the trappings of a vibrant social life. But her privacy is threatened when there’s an attempt on her life and a bodyguard is foisted on her. Compounding problems? He doesn’t just want to protect her. He wants to investigate every detail of her life, starting with her top-secret job.

Danny casts his sights on Charlie Park, her coworker, her partner… the one man who knows all Braelyn’s secrets. She’s frustrated by the distrust until she realizes jealousy fuels Danny’s suspicions as much as instinct and proof. One of them is right about Charlie—but by the time they figure it out, it may be too late to save their relationship. And Braelyn’s life.

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Password is the first story in the Nightforce Security Series. A sequel is already in the works. The next installment will be a novella released in March as part of Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Kindle World. So if this series interests you, you won’t have long to wait.

Staci Troilo writes because she has hundreds of stories in her head. She publishes because people told her she should share them. She’s a multi-genre author whose love for writing is only surpassed by her love for family and friends, and that relationship-centric focus is featured in her work.

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29 responses to “A new #romance #thriller series

  1. I’m loving the sound of Password! Just my cup of tea…

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  2. Highly recommend this book. Fast-paced, filled with action, suspense, and just the right amount of romance.

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  4. Craig, thanks for opening your site to me today. As always, you’ve been a great host.

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  5. Congratulations on the new release. Great cover and title too. Best of luck with the launch!

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  6. Looks good, Staci. Thanks, Craig for hosting.

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  7. Great to see two of my favorite people together. As someone who has already read and reviewed Password, I give it a monumental thumbs-up. It’s loaded with action, intrigue and romance. This one really had me guessing with all the twists and turns. Loved it!

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  8. Sounds like the start of another suspenseful series, Staci!

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  9. D.L Finn, Author

    Sounds like a fun read. Enjoyed the excerpt:)

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  10. I love this excerpt! Wow!! I’m sucked in. This book is on my Kindle and I will get to it. Thanks for helping Staci spread the word about her new book!

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  11. I enjoyed Password. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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  12. Great excerpt! I loved the Medici Protectorate series, and I’ve now got another entry on my TBR list! Good luck with the new release, Staci!

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