Why a Novella?

Hi gang. I’m over at Joan Hall’s place today, and the topic is why I wrote a novella. I also touch briefly upon the small graphics in the book. Stop over and tell us what you think of novella length works. Has their time arrived?


Hi Everyone. It’s a pleasure to welcome fellow author and Story Empire contributor C. S. Boyack to my blog today. Craig has a new novella he recently released, and he’s here to tell you about  the book and why he chose to write a novella rather than a longer novel. Keep reading here.


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12 responses to “Why a Novella?

  1. Hopping over to Joan’s place.

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  2. Yes, some subjects are better in novellas. There is an audience out there that wants quick-read, action-packed shorts that they can read in one sitting or on the way to work. Short chapters, short paragraphs, and short sentences are also in vogue. It helps the busy reader who wants to read a variety of subjects or varied genre and move onto something else. This is probably what started the first blogs, as well as news media, of course. A book is as long as it needs to be to tell the story. So, as authors, we keep our options open.

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  3. Novellas definitely have their spot in the marketplace. Some people prefer short works. They’re also easier on the writer, which I love. To release a novella while readers are waiting for the next full-length novel makes a lot of sense to me.

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