Fantasy Authors Unplugged: The Hat by C. S. Boyack

PH Solomon is a great author and blogger friend. You can bet I jumped at the chance when he offered to interview me for his Unplugged series. Stop over to his site, and get some deeper insight into me and my new book The Hat. While you’re there, consider following this great author and blogger. I’ll be watching the comments, so say hi.

Archer's Aim

Fantasy Authors Unplugged is back and I hope there will be more posts for the feature soon. Today, fellow Story Empire contributor, C. S. Boyack pays a visit with his latest book, The Hat, in the spotlight. I’m pleased to have Craig back today…

Thanks for having me over again, P. H. It’s been a while now.

You’ve written a wide range of books from anthologies to novels. How do you approach a story and decide what the length will be?

I have a hard time with this one. Like most authors, I started out writing tomes that were huge. As I learned to me more efficient with my words, I often have a hard time making word count these days.

I still want specific projects at certain parameters though. The Hat was designed to be a novella, because there is a market I want to approach. I would have…

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10 responses to “Fantasy Authors Unplugged: The Hat by C. S. Boyack

  1. You guys did a great job!

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  2. Great interview over there. I really liked the Q&A on what you have brewing.

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    • I would write something about this, but with the tour going on it may have to wait. I started a new Pinterest board called The One I may Never Write. Is that a hint that I might write it one day?


  3. Enjoyable interview! THE HAT is a winner!

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  4. My Amazon should be posting, Craig… I’ll be tweeting & F/Bkng a short link soon!

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