Assuming the fetal position

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I uploaded and hit the publish button. My personal process hasn’t changed over the years. I’m freaking the hell out like I always do.

This may stem from the first experience I had where Amazon took the entire manuscript and squeezed all the letters into one line down the middle of the page. It’s never happened since, but that kind of thing sticks with you. Can you imagine if someone had purchased that book and gotten one line of over-strike text for an entire book?

Anyway, I’m on the dawn of a new book release. This is my novella project, and it’s the origin story of a paranormal superhero kind of character. It’s full of some witty interactions, and I intended much of it to be humorous. There are some dark moments, because it’s got a paranormal undertone. Music also plays a roll in this one.

I’ve shared the cover before, but here it is again.

There are a million things to do behind the scenes once I have a purchase link. I have to update my site, contact the Goodreads Librarians, link this and that all together. I have friends to deliver materials to; like I said, a million little things.

For now, watch this space for updates. I’ll be over in the corner building a blanket fort.


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38 responses to “Assuming the fetal position

  1. Congrats, good luck, and hope you can relax. I’ve been there with formatting chaos. Doesn’t happen very often, but the plus side is that you fix it instead of it being stuck. Have a fun weekend.

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  2. I get worked up every release day, too. But you’ve got a real winner here. Relax! And best wishes!

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  3. Congratulations, Craig. One lime formatting. That is a new one.

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  4. Congratulations, Craig, on your new book baby.

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  5. Congratulations – looking forward to reading it! πŸ˜€

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  6. It’s always chaos once you do a release, but it’s fun chaos (after that moment of panic and finger-gnawing worry). Congrats on the release. I’m looking forward to reading it tonight!

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  7. Good luck with your new book!

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  8. Congrats and good luck, Craig, fun cover!
    Quick question: Is there a difference between contacting Goodreads librarians and uploading the book yourself on their site? That’s how I’ve always done it and now I’m wondering if that’s wrong, lol

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  9. N. N. Light

    Congrats Craig on the new release! I feel the same way on release day and bourbon usually helps. Either that or a vat of red wine. lol! Love the cover, too.

    Question: Why do contact a Goodreads Librarian? I usually just upload it myself. Hmm…

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  10. Love the cover, Craig. Congratulations on the release and best wishes for success!! Crawl out of your fort and get to work! πŸ™‚

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  11. Congrats! You prolific writers amaze me with how quickly you can turn things over. Love the cover and am sure the story is a fine one.

    My granddaughter says fuzzy blankets feel like love, so a blanket fort should be a right comfortable place to camp out. ❀

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  12. Hahahahaha. I can relate. Try uploading to their Kindle World division. Nothing EVER goes smoothly, and I always think my book won’t release with the others. Somehow it all works out in the end, but it’s a special sort of hell while we wait.

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  13. Congratulations, Craig! I’m sending a virtual case of 12 year-old-Malt whiskey, my friend. It doesn’t stop the nerves, but it sure helps you forget why you were nervous in the first place.😊

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  14. Haha, I relate to the blanket fort. Sometimes life just feels like we need a blanket fort. You’ve nothing to worry about, you’re a pro!

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