My last hat stand

Some of you might remember me taking delivery of two cool hat stands about a month ago. The third one arrived last night. This one has a cross bone that is kind of cool. Here they are all together.

They are hat stands after all, so this is what they look like after I put them to work. I found the bone to be a great place for one of my bandanas.

Some hats I wear, some are just for looking at. The one on the left is a cool witch’s hat, but I tipped them all back so you could see the stands. I have a theory there is an awesome pirate hat in my future that would look great on one of these. And Captain Jack’s is just the place to acquire such a thing. If you’d like a cool hat stand, or a pirate hat checkout Captain Jack’s and ask for Jeff MacKay. Tell him I said hello.


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37 responses to “My last hat stand

  1. That’s fun, and timely for your new release, of course 🙂

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  2. Nice collection. I agree about the pirate hat. Just can’t have a hat collection without one of those. 😀

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  3. Love them all! Kinda creepy to think of your hat being on a skull, but in a cool sort of way. I could see you in a pirate’s hat 😉

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  4. These are pretty awesome!

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  5. Awesome, Craig, although I am more of a fairy kind of gal.

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  6. You definitely have a collection going there. Very unique. And I hopped over to Captain Jack’s. Wow! Really stunning stuff. I can see why you’re thinking of adding a pirate’s hat—of course, you might need another stand then too.

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    • Nah, just outside the photos, where the shadow is cast, I have a hat tree covered with hats. I can move one of the cowboy hats back to the tree. There’s also a story my Muse is babbling about that wants to be a flintlock fantasy or a pirate story.

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  7. Will these guys come to life in a sequel to The Hat? They already have personality before putting hats on them. Imagine if they took on the traits of the hats they wore! Or how schizophrenic one would become wearing *the* hat.

    Cool collection, Craig.

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  8. Thanks for the store link for Jeff Mackay! I so neeeeeeeed a pirate hat! Hope he does UK delivery 😀

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  9. Perfect hat stands for you, Craig! Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Looks like something you would have. Thanks for the view, Craig.

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