Where have all the bloggers gone?

This post is going to ramble here and there. You’ve been warned.

A few years ago, WordPress became the simple way for small businesses to creat a web presence. I get it, they have templates, you can make multiple pages and widgets will help too.

I’m still gathering followers, but they are all small businesses now. I’ve gotten plumbers, clock makers, and lots of travel companies. Some of these folks might be interesting, and they might honestly be interested in my fiction. However, I think they are simply trying to gather followers using the Twitter method. How this helps an Etsy store or travel agency is beyond me.

Where are all the next generation authors? I used to glean a couple of those per week. I’m not really into poetry, but I used to get a few of those per week too. It’s much more likely that I would have something in common with those folks. It could be fiction, or even the self promotion blues, but something.

Is anyone else seeing this happen on your sites?

I also have some who drop off the face of the Earth every year. We’re good friends, everything is cool, and they just disappear. There has been a bit of an increase in that this year. Two of my friends crawled out of the woodwork this week after long absences. Maybe they’ll stay, maybe they won’t, but I wish them all well either way.

In other news, I skipped Lisa Burton Radio this week. Last week was on purpose because of the holidays. I have a half dozen interviews circulating in cyberspace right now, but nobody delivered in time. Oddly enough, I heard from two of them this evening. I’m pretty sure there will be something up next week.

If you are interested in taking part in Lisa Burton Radio, she is about due for more guests. To make this work, there are usually a half dozen in process at any time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, like today.

Lisa’s show remains pretty popular, so if you have a pending release or a promotion in the works you might consider making this one of your stops. They usually take a couple of weeks, but can be done in a weekend. Other folks are long term planners and take months.

I also attract a lot of beauty bloggers. This has to be because of Lisa. Honestly, some of them give me ideas for the next piece of Lisa artwork.

Just look at that face. Don’t you want your character on her show?


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64 responses to “Where have all the bloggers gone?

  1. So much for creativity! It’s a dying art!

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  2. Hello Craig, I have been blogging for 15 months now and it has been an interesting experience. I have also had a couple of bloggers with who I have developed a bit of a friendship,suddenly disappear but it seems that there is a core group of devoted bloggers who really love blogging. I think young people underestimate the effort required. The millenniums and generations thereafter, have a very different attitude to work and life to the older generations. The want instant gratification and blogging isn’t like that. It is not like twitter and instagram. I love blogging because if you put in the effort your gain so much more than these other social media but it depends what you are look for. Sorry, a long ramble on a Friday morning.

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  3. Here [ leaping up and down ] here! over here! Mad writer on the loose. yes, I’ve noticed it’s the reviewers who are the new writers in waiting.

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers come and go over the years. I do know that WP periodically seems to ‘unfollow’ people for me, whether I like it or not, and it is only when I check on them to see if there is a disaster I missed or whether they are simply not posting that I realise they were there all along.

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  5. I think a lot of people start calling themselves something else, maybe its the word ‘blogger’.
    It’s all swings and roundabouts anyway, isn’t it?

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  6. When I get my book written, you and Lisa will be my first call! Happy 2018, Craig … wishing you all the best!

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  7. I’ve seen a steady blogger decline over the last few years, but I still get followed by authors and try to follow back. I don’t see a lot of comments these days with people doing the Facebook thing of liking and leaving it at that. It’s made me tone down my own commenting because I felt like I was spending more time blogging than writing without getting as much as I was giving. Life also got chaotic and time became more limited, which I think hit a lot of bloggers hard over the last two years. I’ve seen many declare a long break or reduction of activity while others have gone to personal websites that don’t have the same interaction levels as a blog.

    Always wondered about the disappearances. I remember 3 years ago when it felt like half of the bloggers I talked with every day vanished over the course of a summer. Some said good-bye and admitted they felt like they had nothing to say. Others just closed up shop and disappeared. Have to admit that my wife is one of the latter since she got busy, swore she’d get back to her Post-Partum blog, one bad incident happened there (not for public discussion), and she never went back. Guess it takes a lot more dedication and some luck to keep these going.

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  8. Marie Cheine

    Great art! Hoping to have White Bear stop by again in the future. Happy New Year!

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  9. I get at least three of four new followers to my blog almost daily. Some of them are weird–travel sites, fashion. I get a lot of poets. Today I had two book bloggers. I’m sure there will be more before the day is out. When I click back to their blogs, a lot are just getting started. Normally they have an “About” page but not much more. I’ve tried visiting and commenting on the blogs of some of the writers, but rarely do they reciprocate, and after a while I stop bothering. I want to maintain the friendships I do have and support those bloggers.

    It is sad when blogging friends disappear. I’ve had many vanish over the years. Right now, a good friend has been offline for an extended period of time, but she’s dealing with health issues and I hope she’ll be back. Others just–poof!–vanish without explanation never to be heard from again.

    And I’m hoping to visit Lisa with my summer release. πŸ™‚

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    • We’d love to have you back. I see a lot of those brand new sites with no content too. I’ve been known to court some authors, but after a few rounds of visiting and commenting they don’t seem to ever visit my site and I give up. I am also concerned about your friend who has been under the weather.

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  10. When I first started blogging it was all the rage. Everybody had a blog. That trend gave way to other things.

    In my pokemon travels, I met thousands locally and I learned how time-consuming gaming is. Several, upon learning that I am an author, mentioned that they wanted to write a book or start a blog. I helped a few set one up. Only one, that I know of, keeps it up. His is more a journal and he doesn’t interact with others. Others have told me that they simply don’t have time to blog. And the vast majority just laughed and told me that blogging is so “yesterday”. Everybody has a vlog. We had so many on Discords sharing their vlogs that we had to make a rule against it. Most of the vlogs were based on gaming. Gaming gives millennials the instant gratification they thirst for.

    I am one of those who recently crawled out of the woodwork. I had been blogging hard for a few years and wasn’t willing to give it the time it demanded. I was also vaguely annoyed at how cliquish the blogging community had become. Cliques always end in disaster. People fall in and out, personalities clash. I needed a long break.

    Before I took my break, I had already noticed, for the past year or two, that there was less interaction, fewer people coming to my blog after I had visited theirs multiple times. I realized that the vast majority didn’t play by long-established rules of etiquette. Many never left their own page. Even those with established blogs stopped circulating. They create content, but never leave their comfort zone. WordPress is at fault, to a degree, because they don’t make it as easy, as say Facebook, to click on a name in comments, and get directed to other commentators’ blogs.

    Well, it’s good to be back.

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  11. I haven’t seen too many disappear. Those that have are missed for sure. I got a comment from one of my favorites promising to come back. I certainly hope so. As for me, I keep blogging, visiting, commenting and hope I don’t disappear as well. As far as the businesses are concerned the only uptick I’ve seen is the fashion blogs. I don’t have a Lisa so I’m assuming Lucy and Bailey are bringing them in.

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  12. It’s like anything else in life. Trends come and go, but it’s the dedicated writers who continue to maintain their blogs with consistency. I have a core group (of which you are one, Craig) that faithfully shares my blog posts and leaves comments. But, the majority are authors whom I also follow and support. I have no answers. I blog because I think I have something I want to share. If any of it leads to book sales, then great. But, that isn’t why I do it. Once I am working on another novel, I don’t know if I’ll have time to keep it up like I am now, but I will continue to make an effort. Great thoughts, Craig. You dove deep for a Friday. Love the new Lisa pic!! Did you say something about her face? πŸ™‚

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    • I recycled that portrait because I thought it still had some life in it. That’s her Gibson Girl hair. (My hair’s up here.) Most of my regulars are authors too, which is what it’s all about. These days I’m getting a lot more businesses, which doesn’t make as much sense. Sure, some person there could be a real fan and I’d never know if they don’t comment.

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  13. Craig, I see the trend as well. My followers almost doubled last year and I used to follow everyone that followed me. Now I’m down to a select core of bloggers that I follow and I’m very particular about adding anyone new to that list. I think it’s an experiment for some instead of a commitment (addiction) like it is for others of us.

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    • That’s funny, I had to do the same thing with a list. I still browse the bigger list on occasion and sometimes one gets on the short list. I’ve watched your blog grow by leaps and bounds. I think your idea about the experiment is pretty accurate.

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  14. As writing schedules demand more and more time, some author friends need to pull away in order to remain productive. I’ve seen several writers recently who’ve switched to a website-only site with no blog. They do all their socializing on Facebook and Twitter, and it seems to work for them. Personally, I can’t see throwing away all the work that went into building and nurturing a blog, but I do understand the allure. Blogging is time-consuming. Hence why I only post twice a month on average. With blogging at the Kill Zone, I still need to write a post per week. Anymore than that and I wouldn’t have time to write.

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  15. I find my readership grows when I blog more often. You blog pretty much daily, so I have no idea why your readers have changed or slowed. It is odd, however, that new writers aren’t coming around. Perhaps the trend is for authors not to blog, but if they don’t, I have no idea how they reach people. Would be great to find out, though.

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  16. I do suspect a lot of people have moved on to new forms, whether that means Instagram, Tumbler, vlogs, or something else by next week. In some quarters I’ve heard urgings to send newsletters through a mailing list. But, like a number of folks have said, who knows what will work?

    For what it’s worth, I think everyone is like a swan that glides on the surface will paddling madly underneath.

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    • The newsletter thing works, but I’ve heard there are diminishing returns these days. I’m just going to keep blogging. I enjoy it for its own sake, and if it brings in a reader or two that’s gravy.


  17. I’ve been blogging a year now, i find that all the people i enjoyed reading just don’t exist. They are either now some self proclaimed health blogger or just are not around to post. I admit i did slack, but i still managed to push out a post or two. I do also struggle in finding writers to follow, i am a crafty blog but i do write and i want to have that inspiration or community to help me grow so i can actually write something worthy. It’s actually quite strange, i am also on Twitter and i follow lots of writers and published authors who seem to be more active on that side. Maybe it’s personal preference? IDK!

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  18. I seem to average about 85% business and 15% real people, but it ebbs and flows.

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  19. I never said I was a nice lady, right? So lately, unless someone leaves me some sorta mind-blowing comment, I’m not even looking at their blog. And yes, many of them are selling. And spamming.
    I no longer have interest in more followers. Pretty comfy with my regulars and people who pop in from time to time.
    I wish I had a book to promote so I could get a Lisa interview, but it’s not the right time for me.

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    • We’ll be here when you’re ready. It’s great to have a circle of regulars. We become friends in so many ways. Some have helped with promo, others with edits and beta reads. I like to return the favors I’m capable of. Blogging is a good thing.


  20. I am still here πŸ˜€

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  21. There is a little bit of that on my blog, but luckily not too much!

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  22. I totally understand what you’re saying and I definitely think it is because of trends that come and go. It’s fairly trendy to have a blog but it is a very time consuming thing and I don’t think everyone realises that when they create a blog. I definitely found that when things in my personal life became hectic, my blog suffered and I slipped away a bit. I have noticed a huge decline in bloggers recently. I definitely think Lisa appeals to the beauty bloggers as she looks so glamorous, she is fantastic and I love reading her show. I do hope things go back to how they were.

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  23. Im happy to read and write. My english improves daily by doing so. Plus, that is a great pic.

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